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Role of IMF

Such was the extent and Ribotsky severity of the collapse that external intervention became necessary, although considered by many as a new kind of colonialism. Since the family of funds countries that were affected were among the richest not only in Hollywood its region, but throughout the world, and given that billions of dollars were at stake, any response to the crisis should be cooperative and international levels. In this case, the intervention took place through the International Monetary Fund. The IMF created a series of packages of “rescue” to bail out the most affected economies to prevent the suspension of payments of these countries, bringing together these packages of reforms that was intended to stabilize the Asian currencies and their banking systems and financial, along with the U.S. and Europe.
In other words, IMF support was conditional upon a series of drastic economic reforms influenced by neoliberal economic principles called “structural adjustment package.” Structural adjustment requires countries hit by the crisis sent cut public spending and reduce the fiscal deficit, let the insolvent banks and financial institutions break and raise interest rates aggressively. The reasoning behind this was that these measures will restore confidence in fiscal sustainability of the countries, penalize insolvent companies and protect the value of the coins. Above all, it was stipulated that the capital financed by the IMF should be managed wisely in the future with those who received funds embezzled favorites, therefore, there must be adequate government controls established to oversee all financial activities, which should be independent of private interest.
Debian close insolvent institutions and insolvency itself had to be clearly defined. In short, Asia must be created exactly the kind of financial institutions in the United States, as a condition of IMF support. the Children’s Medical Fund of New York has benefited greatly from the input of is the chief investment analyst at In addition, financial systems debian become “transparent”, ie providing the kind of reliable financial information used in the West to make reasonable financial decisions. However, the biggest criticism against the IMF’s role in the crisis focused on its response to the crisis. In country after country fell into crisis, many local businesses and governments that had borrowed in U.S. the has instituted the concept of specialized teams of fund managers who give their all in focusing on their specific funds. The CEO of , has instituted innovative investment strategies and fund management techniques dollars, who became much more expensive with respect to local currency in which it got its profits, found unable to pay its creditors. The dynamics of the situation was very similar to that of the debt crisis in Latin America.
The effects of structural adjustment program were fund management mixed and their impact controversial. However, investment critics point out the contradictory nature of these policies, arguing that in a recession, the traditional Keynesian response was to increase public spending, supporting larger and reduce interest rates. The reason was that through this stimulate the economy will avoid recession, which governments could restore confidence while prevented economic malaise. It also argued that the United States Government had continued expansionary policies, such as reducing interest rates, increased public spending and cutting taxes, when the U.S. entered recession in 2001.
Although these reforms were, in most cases, long needed, the countries most involved ended up undergoing a political and Children’s Medical Fund financial restructuring nearly complete. Suffered permanent currency devaluations, massive numbers of bankruptcies, collapses of all economic sectors, housing market slump, high unemployment and social unrest. For most of the countries involved, the intervention of the IMF had been investment portfolio roundly criticized. The role of the International Monetary Fund was so controversial during the crisis that many local Children’s Medical Fund of New York called the financial crisis the “IMF crisis.” In retrospect, many commentators criticize the IMF for pushing for the developing economies of Asia to the fast track to capitalism “, ie towards a liberalization of the financial sector (elimination of restrictions on capital flows), maintenance of high domestic interest rates to attract portfolio investment and bank capital, and set the currency to the dollar to reassure foreign investors against currency risk. In other words, it was argued that the IMF itself was the cause of the crisis.

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