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With the BiBB checklist by the Bildungsdschungel Berlin, June 9, 2010 which conclusion makes successful me?”, which study form is right for me?” or which further education institution is right for me? ” There immediately the appropriate answers to these questions. The Federal Institute for vocational training (BiBB) supports study and interested in continuing education through a check list to find a technically appropriate and high-quality course. This BiBB brochure provides not only notes, what questions you should ask in his own person, but also which information prospective students by educational institutions soll(t)en. To facilitate the search for information all prospective students, has the GOING PUBLIC! Academy for Finanzberatung AG prepares its teaching and course information in accordance with the checklist of the BiBB. On find interested starting immediately detailed answers to the requirements of the check-list. Thus every single aspect can easily traced item by item and ticked off be. Through teaching and courses are insurance specialist/Assistant (IHK), consultant for financial services (IHK), specialist /-in for financial advice (IHK) and Bachelor of Economics with a focus on financial advisory services.

For this purpose the following priorities were set: how much is the training? What does the contract say? How the provider assures the quality of his training? What kind of training is there? How is the training? What conclusion ends the training? How important is the completion of the training course for your future career? For financial services, it is becoming increasingly important enough to qualify. It is crucial to find the right qualification. In addition to a personal consultation we want to be like to help seekers with this overview”, so Ronald Perschke, CEO of GOING PUBLIC! Academy for Finanzberatung AG. The quality management of the GOING PUBLIC! Academy of finance Consulting AG is already Since 2006 after LQW (funding quality testing in continuing education) and AZWV (recognition and approval regulation training) certified. “The check-list quality vocational training” is available at de / checkliste.htm to download ready.