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Professional Newsletter

'If you decide to seriously engage in earnings in the Internet – please create your own mailing list! "Certainly, dear reader, you have heard this phrase? I repeat – first of all please create mailing list and start recruit its base of subscribers. And no matter what mail – surely you know how or know something they do not know others, whether they grow strawberries or the ability to optimize their monthly spending on the Internet – share this information with others. Believe me, carefully typed in the subscriber base will become your most valuable asset in the future, bringing one way or another steady income. Marko Dimitrijevic is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In this article I will share with you certain secrets and features on how to simply and most importantly free to pitch at the professional level. We immediately discard services Mailing type, mainly because they impose a lot of restrictions on the author and do not share with him recruited them as subscription list.

Why do we need it? I propose to use an excellent service Max Heeger It should be noted that the package is the minimum cost of this service will pull approximately $ 12 per month, many for the novice online-businessman, but fortunately there are totally free service packages, with good functionality. I want to add, dear reader, that the renewed this year Smartresponder generally has an excellent functionality, and even a free version of its well will create a completely professional newsletter. So, if you have not yet registered in the service – do it by selecting the registration package 'FREE ".