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The pound sterling (Pound sterling in English) is the currency of the United Kingdom as well as the Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories. In its other colonial territories use different currencies, but attached to the sterling: Gibraltar pound, pound and pound Falklands Saint Helena Its symbol is money and pounds comes from the latin, which referred to the unit of mass. A book is divided into one hundred pence.
The full legal name, pound sterling (plural pounds), is used mainly in formal contexts and also when it is necessary to distinguish the currency used in the United Kingdom to those used in other countries and have the same name . The name of the currency ‘but not the names of their units’ is sometimes shortened to just “sterling”, particularly in the financial markets wholesale, for example “Payment accepted in sterling”, but “it costs five sterling. “The abbreviations” ster. “or” stg. “are used occasionally. The term is commonly used British pounds in less formal situations, while not an official name of the currency. The Sterling is a former English silver coin Sterling, an alloy of 92.5 silver and 7.5 copper and / or other metals, and with a mass of 1.555 grams, or 1 / 240 of a troy pounds.
The pound was originally the value of a pound weight of sterling silver tower (hence it’s called “pound”). The symbol of the currency is the pound sign, originally ‘with two crossbars, later was more common with one bar. The symbol is derived from the letter “L”, the abbreviation LSD ‘librae, solidi, denarii “used pounds, shillings and pence of the monetary system duodecimal original. Libra was the basic Roman unit of weight, which was derived from the latin for “balance.” The ISO 4217 code is GBP (Great Britain pound in English, in United Kingdom Pound). Occasionally the abbreviation UKP is seen, but this is incorrect. The Crown Dependencies use their own codes (not ISO) when they wish to reflect their distinctions. The resources are usually exchanged for pennies, so traders may refer to pence sterling, GBX (sometimes BGP), if listed prices.
Following the adoption by several countries of the euro, the pound became the world’s oldest currency still in use, and currently has the third largest portion of reserve currencies worldwide, after the U.S. Dollar and the Euro. The pound sterling is the fourth currency exchanges in the international exchange behind the dollar, euro and Japanese yen.

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