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Plant Academy Leipzig

Theatre project ‘ traveling stage art of living ‘ starts with young people in 3. “Phase within the framework of the ESF project traveling stage art of living” the third and therefore creative cycle of a student project at the Leipzig plant Academy begins this week. After the open trial phase in the workshops of the young Academy and a final seminar in the recent winter holidays, young people started now. The students aged between 13 and 18 years should now develop a play on its own and onto the stage. For established five Creative Labs which offer weekly workshops under the direction of experienced Leipzig artist until the beginning of the summer holidays. The creative abilities of students can be promoted not only in the performing game, but also in the varied fields of theatre music, stage, print – and media art. For other opinions and approaches, find out what NYU Law has to say. thoughts on the topic.

The result of this across the period in the laboratory will be a work of art designed by the young people in team work. She premiere takes place during the summer holidays. The Leipzig factory Academy invites still young and curious people to this exciting process and opens in the students project art of living traveling stage”its doors in the Anton-Zickmantel-Strasse. The project is funded by the European Social Fund and is free of charge for the participants. Dates: Mondays from 15.00 until 18.00 theater music / Rafael Klitzing acting / Thomas Kuhnert Wednesdays from 15: 00 to 18: 00 Theater sculpture / Reinhard Rosler Theatre media / Bernd Sikora print art / Harald Vishal project management: Thomas Kuhnert contact: nickel, social worker & Project Assistant e-m@il: Tel.: + 49 (0) 341 / 4273792 Publisher Saxon clay construction companies contact: S. Fritzsche of Lutzner Street 93-95 04177 Leipzig FON: 0341 41459 146 fax: 0341 41459 311 E-Mail: Internet: the Saxon LehmbauGruppe is a common name for several in the Federation employees, but legally independent companies based in the free State of Saxony.

Among the Saxon LehmbauGruppe: BBGO – consulting and BetreuungsGesellschaft East of LehmbauGruppe mbH Augsburg society of wattle and daub, education and work in Leipzig e.V. Leipzig society for education and work mbH VSPH Association for socio-educational and psycho-social assistance e.V. moveo time work GmbH drive & roll GmbH since 1996 are the companies (Augsburg society of wattle and daub, education and work in Leipzig e.V., Leipzig society for education and work, VSPH Association for socio-educational and psycho-social assistance e.V.) regular members of the EFQM European Foundation for quality management, Brussels. The work is performed according to the criteria of the TQM total quality management, business excellence. Since 2006, the listed companies are certified according to the AZWV – recognition and approval regulation for training.