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Planet Money Jalisciense at the Institute of Youth IJJ

Dear friends, to share the day December 11, 2008 Planet Money’s novel draws the attention of the Institute of Youth Jalisciense who have made us an interview which was broadcast simultaneously in 630 radio stations am in Guadalajara, 1080 am in Puerto Vallarta and the 107.1 FM in Cd Guzman. I really liked this season beginning with the support of the government of Guadalajara made the following invitacioin by mail to its listeners: Dear friends: “… A regular financial commentator on CNBC and Fox news, appears on CNN as well. money can buy time to enjoy the beauty, art, the company of friends , adventures … We can help those we love and secure better opportunities for our children … It is an instrument of justice with which we can repair the damage done to the other … Also, for money, people may have problems: financial worries, sufferings, fights with loved ones … The money permeates every aspect of human life and today is the energy that moves the world “has been given such importance to money, many people sacrifice principles and value to obtain (steal, kill), or accumulate without a purpose of exchange (to be), or use it as a means of expressing power (the power to corrupt). Problems of many countries such as corruption, poverty, drug trafficking, violence, among others, relate to individuals who put money on a pedestal, and seek an end rather than half and give that value to end up being controlled by money instead of controlling them. Help the children recognize the importance of money and managed as a means or resources to achieve a lot but not everything in life is a basic aspect to be addressed in the program on Thursday, December 11 with the theme “financial education for children,” Remember you can listen to 630 am in Guadalajara, 1080 am in Puerto Vallarta and the 107.1 FM in Cd Guzman. Is at 8 am We have awards for his participation in the 3030 23 57 01 800 087 8827 Driving: Adriana Orozco and Jose Antonio Gutierrez Salazar Here is the interview: By the way thank you very much to Jose Antonio and Adriana, Thanks for the flower “young voice” ji.ji.ji. Greetings to All!

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