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Grandson of the

Grandson of the lawyer and former mayor of Madrid Alberto Alcocer and Ribacoba and son of an agent of change and exchange, study in the Bachelor of El Pilar College and graduated in law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. In 1969 he married in separation of property with Esther Koplowitz. After that, the cousins began working at the company Construcciones y Contratas, who had founded the father of two, killed in accident in 1962.
In 1976, Alberto Alcocer was already chief executive, achieving near-Cortina-transform a company that billed at about 1,000 million pesetas a year, a group of over 30 companies with a turnover of close to 300,000 million pesetas.
Business driven by this company along with Cortina Alcocer, who were pioneers of diversifying into other construction sectors, is multiplied by 18 years more than 660 times, despite the great difficulty experienced by the Spanish economy between 1973 and 1985, bringing the value of Coycon from 450 million in 1972 to more than 300,000 million pesetas. A company that billed when they arrived at about 1,000 million pesetas per year turned into a diversified group of over 30 companies with a turnover of close to 300,000 million pesetas.
In 1978 he purchased the 5 of Banco de Fomento, a member of the Central Bank and three years later, the cousins purchased some shares in the company Valderrivas Portland cement, which was owned by Banesto. Becomes 12 of the company and Alfonso Cortina, Alberto’s brother was named company president. In 1982, again with Cortina acquires Banco Zaragozano in 1987 and was introduced to media through the group structure.
A year later, close to KIO Group (of Kuwait), which sell the majority of control of the company Urbanor a 12 change that the group was in the Kuwaiti Central Bank (operation caused the dramatic revaluation of the shares of Urbanor), the company created central bank, which was named president in 1989. Also that same year he was appointed President of Construction and Contract. However, submitted his resignation on February 5, 1990, after a marital crisis.
After their marriage and separation through an appropriate agreement, we reserve 30 of Banco Zaragozano, 10 of the Corporacion Financiera Reunida (COFIR), 5 of Canal Plus and 100 of the company Uniseguros. In June of that year, again with his cousin, was appointed adviser to the Bank and both are Zaragozano Portfolio Zaragozano society. Seven years after reaching two co-chairs of the bank, with 38.5 of the shares.
But in 2003 both were forced to sell its stake in the Bank’s control Zaragozano to Barclays because one of its partners in Urbanor, the architect Peter Sentieri, a multimillionaire who had made them claim for fraud, giving rise to the case Urbanor. In 2000 were acquitted by the Provincial Court of Madrid in 2003, when reviewing the sentence and change its jurisprudence, the Supreme Court sentenced them to three years and four months in prison for separate crimes of fraud and misrepresentation in commercial paper a sale in 1987 of the land on which the towers were built KIO. The sentence was under appeal before the Constitutional Court for violating judicial effectively Alcocer and Cortina, in June and so did the Supreme Court, granting the right to recover 50 million euros paid to its former partners as compensation, as well as interest earned in ten years.
In mid 2008, Alberto Alcocer holds, along with his cousin Cortina, 13 of group activities and Construction Services (ACS), as well as 21 of the industrial society ENCE.
Weeks after the acquittal of the case Urbanor, Forbes magazine included Alberto Cortina among the largest fortunes in the World 1000, where he appears alongside his exmujer Alicia Koplowitz, which has three children, his ex Slstsr.ln Esther, and this Exmar Alberto de Alcocer.
Nowadays, the media have begun to rectify the charge left Alcocer and Cortina without several of their fundamental rights. But despite that Justice has closed a definitive case Urbanor its whistleblowers, the architect Peter Sentieri, who then join the family of Saint Martin in July, from complaints to complainants, continue to advocate for legal action against them not restore the 50 million who had to pay twice for the then ruling overturned.

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XX and XXI centuries

Porfirio D az.
Francisco I. Madero.
Venustiano Carranza.
Since the late nineteenth century was gestated movements against the dictatorship of Porfirio D az, and Guerrero in the most famous was that of A. Canuto Neri, against Governor Francisco O. Arce, in 1893, where forces were defeated Maple yy provisionally Neri, took the governorship.
In 1891 developed a movement led by Jose Cuevas who came to collect a large number of communities in the Central Valley and sought by the fall of the dictatorship.
In 1901, the emergence of a new uprising in Mochitlan and Quechultenango, led by Gabino Gardena and Anselmo Bello, who proclaimed the plan of the vulture. In Diaz was unknown to the president, demanded respect for democratic elections and the allocation of land. Know the location Diaz andalusia andalusia Col. Victoriano Huerta command to quell the rebellion.
In 1909 the landowner coahuilense Francis I. Madero published the book “The Presidential Succession in 1910” and travel around the country in an unprecedented political tour, organized the National Party Antirreeleccionista, which had branches in most states of the republic. In Huitzuco, under the guidance of Octavio Bertrana, was formed the “Circle Antirreeleccionista Juan N. Alvarez, led by the brothers Ambrose, Romulo and Francisco Figueroa.
In February 1911, Figueroa waged one of the first fighting in the south in the Rio Atenango In July, after the fall of Diaz and during the internship Francisco Leon de la Barra book is the first fight of the Zapatista Army, commanded by Emiliano Zapata.
When the Constituent Congress took place (between December 1916 and January 1917) in Queretaro, Guerrero attended by three members, who fought mainly by the inclusion of land rights in the Magna Carta, which was enshrined in Article 27.
The State supported the Plan of Agua Prieta and lvaro Obreg n in revolt against President Venustiano Carranza, in 1920. In fact, Obregon Carranca escape disguised as police and fireman got to Chilpancingo, where he began his movement.
At the time of the so-called miracle was a Mexican tourist development of Guerrero, Acapulco mainly inspired pro Miguel Alem n Vald s, president between 1946 and 1952. In 1950, the Coast Acapulco was named in honor of German.
During the 1970s the state of Guerrero was the scene of several opposition movements to the PRI regime in the country. Pushed somewhat by the little attention to their demands, a group of teachers’ including Lucio Cabanas and Genaro Vazquez ‘opted for armed struggle. The National Revolutionary Civic Association and the Brigade of execution of the Party of the Poor had a great impact on domestic public opinion. The latter group, led by Cabanas Barrientos, Ruben Figueroa Figueroa abduction (and future senator from Guerrero state governor) in 1974, which led to a harsh crackdown by the Mexican Army. As a result, Cabanas Barrientos was killed in Tecpan de Galeana, so that other members rushed to the guerrillas of the Sierra Madre del Sur. Others were arrested and disappeared. These facts are part of the Dirty War in Mexico. Years later, also in the region of the Costa Grande, the state police murderer to 17 peasants in Aguas Blancas ford (Coyuca de Benitez) on June 28, 1995. The following year, rose in arms the Popular Revolutionary Army, which was supposed guerrillas linked to the Partido Revolucionario Obrero Clandestino Union-People’s Party of the Poor (PROCUP-PDLP).
Con la fundacion del Partido Nacional Revolucionario (hoy Partido Revolucionario Institucional) en 1929 todos los gobernadores provinieron de este partido, hasta que en las elecciones del 6 de febrero de 2005, el perredista Zeferino Torreblanca, derrotoal candidato del PRI, Hector Astudillo.
Since early 2006 a prevailing climate of insecurity in Guerrero .
Although the state has always been classified as violent from the first half of 2006, when they were found in Acapulco, decapitated heads of people, the climate of insecurity increases even more.
Since December 2006, the federal government of Felipe Calder n, beginning the military occupation of various parts of the country, like Michoacan and Tijuana, as of December 14, Guerrero.
On April 6, 2007 assassinated the correspondent for Televisa in Acapulco, Amado Ramirez Dillane, who came to transcend international borders.

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Duke of S

Carlos was born on October 4 1550 in the castle of Stockholm, the son of King Gustav Vasa and Margarita Eriksdotter. Through the will of his father’s inheritance he equity funds received in the duchy of S dermanland, Inc. which included the province of the asset management same name and some parts of Narke and V stmanland. His dignity of duke allowed to govern this region almost as sovereign. However, it could not enforce their rights during the reign of his brother Erik XIV. In his teens, Carlos received military training, and stress in the branch of artillery. Precisely because of its military abilities participate successfully in 1568, the uprising against Erik XIV, led by his brother John. Following the overthrow of Erik in 1569, John would get the crown, and Carlos was able to take possession of his dukedom and acquire a position of great influence in the country.
When King John III is close to Catholicism, Carlos was the strongest opponents. The King had brought the crown prince, smaller and emerging funds Sigismund, in the Catholic religion, in order private equity company to make Polish candidate for the throne and to achieve LLC is a privately owned investment advisory firm a union between Sweden and Poland. Carlos is postulated to maintain the independence of Sweden initiated by Gustavo Vasa and maintain Lutheranism as the state religion.
On the death of John III in 1592, it became net worth clear the influence of the Duke Charles, then the head together with the interim government council that governed in times prior to the arrival of the heir, King Sigismund III of Poland. The question of religion, as in times of former king, would be to address it again, this time with more interest, as Sigismund was a fervent supporter of the Catholic counter and it was feared the possibility of returning to Sweden to try to papal authority.
Segismundo Upon capital worth arrival, the council promised to religious freedom in Sweden and in this promise was funds crowned in Uppsala in 1594. But the new king had commitments in Poland and in Sweden it would be very brief. Government decided to leave their name in the summer CEO of of 1594. Duke Charles and the advice offered proposals to maintain the independence of the country into the new personal union with Poland. the head of Perhaps by his defense of Lutheranism, Carlos found the support of the council and part of the aristocracy, while the duke sought to assume a kind of internship during the absence of the king.
The king gave administrative functions to both the Council and Carlos, but his powers remained ambiguous, and instead preferred to give positions of deputies to several of his colleagues, who favored the interests Catholics. This situation is the rebel Duke Charles, and in partnership with the council, proclaimed “supreme leader and ruler of the kingdom” and began to govern on its own account. Charles summoned a parliament in 1595 in Soderkoping ahi received full powers to exercise the regency.

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Liquidity crisis of September 2008

Personal .- Week fraught with negative chairman and CEO of Sightline Acquisition Corp. macro economic data (GDP British and U.S. there are many fields in the gaming world that have been greatly influenced by Global Cash Access’ innovations, making CEO industrial data and business climate in the Eurozone, German Ifo, indices wine of sentiment and Global Cash Access Inc. housing sales in the USA etc.). But fraught with plans governmental rescue Citi, the gaming new British plan (because there was not one many weeks ago), the Fed plan to consumers, the EU plan, the program for when Obama is president, plans to help all that automovil’Y State support has been noticed in the gaming industry stock indices, the best proof is that since the minimum of nearly 13 years on Friday, the U.S. financial sector has risen by 40 . The liquidity crisis of September 2008 became visibly in a prominent crisis in the United States and around the world on September 15, 2008 decision by Lehman Sightline Acquisition Corp. Brothers Holdings Inc. to file for bankruptcy, the acquisition of Merrill Lynch by Bank of America, and vineyards concerns over American International Group (AIG) ending when the company was rescued by the Federal Reserve System on September 16. Together, these developments were seen to reflect the deteriorating financial GCA markets apparently due to the subprime mortgage crisis. The accident led to large infusions of cash by central banks around the world. On the first day, the Dow Jones grapes Industrial Average plunged 504 cash access provider points (4.4 ), while the vallyview vineyards S and P 500 fell 59 points (4.7 ). Asia and European markets rendered similarly sharp drops. United Kingdom regulators announced a temporary ban on short selling financial stocks on September 18 and were followed by the United States on September 19 .
On September 29, the Sanford Dow Jones Industrial Average under 777 points (6.98 ), the cash services largest point drop in history.

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Dow Jones European stocks

Wall Street suffered its worst crisis since the Great Depression. Global credit markets are paralyzed, the pyramid of fictitious values of the homes had collapsed, unexpected purchases and redemptions are executed by private firms and governments. Politicians vie for the faults, the banks go bankrupt, bags anxiety, the media speculated every minute, people will look at the pockets. The financial crisis in the United States is a large spiral chaos drags into the global economy.

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Wednesday 23

Wall Street suffered its worst crisis since the Great Depression. Global credit markets are paralyzed, the pyramid of fictitious values of the homes had collapsed, unexpected purchases and redemptions are executed by private firms and governments. Politicians vie for the faults, the banks go bankrupt, bags anxiety, the media speculated every minute, people will look at the pockets. The financial crisis in the United States is a large spiral chaos drags into the global economy. The Ibex 35 closed higher Wednesday with a drop to 4.5 percent before the renewed weakness of the banks for fear of higher provisioning to deal with depreciation of assets and the concern to a sharp economic slowdown in United States and a scene of strong volatility.
The Ibex 35 fell 4.56 percent to 12,254.6 points after having reached a more depreciated 5.2 per cent to touch an intraday minimum of 12164.1 units.
In Europe, the Xetra DAX index of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange fell 4.88 percent and the CAC 40 index in Paris fell 4.25 percent. At the time of closure of European markets, the Dow Jones fell in about 1 percent.
Values banking Europe were swept by the wave of selling among persistent rumors about the credit crisis, pointing to provisions for depreciation of assets at Societe Generale.

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Ben Bernanke dollar

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CNBC’s Closing Bell

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Credit Suisse Group

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The Credit Suisse Group is a global provider of financial services, with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. It offers a private client, as well as small and medium enterprises, a comprehensive financial advisory banking products. In the areas of investment banking, as well as financial intermediary, that the service of institutions and global corporations, government agencies and private clients. The shares of Credit Suisse Group (CSGN) are listed on the Swiss stock exchange, and also in New York as American Depositary Share. The group employs 60,000 people worldwide. At March 31, 2005, assets generated amounted to 1271.6 billion francs.

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Yeltsin Economic Program

In October 1991, two months before the collapse of the Soviet Union and two months after the August 1991 coup against the regime of Gorbachev, Yeltsin and his advisers, including reform economist Yegor Gaidar, an established program of radical economic reforms. The Russian parliament, the Supreme Soviet decree gave extended powers to the president for a year to implement the program. The program was ambitious, and the record so far indicates that the goals for macroeconomic stabilization and economic restructuring programs may have been realistic. Another complication in the Yeltsin reform program is that since 1991 both the political and economic authority has been considerably from national to regional level.
The implementation of the reforms was a huge but necessary reduction in public spending as the deficit in 1991 reached 20 of GDP. The sectors most affected by this cut were the investment in infrastructure, defense and consumer subsidies and producer. The government also imposed new taxes. This will move towards a deficit of 9 of GDP during the second half of 1992 and 3 by 1993. Also helped reduce inflation from 12 per month in 1991 to 3 per month in mid-1993. Such good macroeconomic news but had negative consequences for the vast majority of the population. The quality of life deteriorated. Russia suffered in the nineties, an economic downturn more severe than the Great Depression that swept the United States in the early 1930’s. At the base of the system, because of inflation or unemployment, many workers ended up in poverty, prostitution or crime. Economic reforms consolidated semiprofessional an oligarchy rooted in the old Soviet system. Encouraged by Western governments, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, Russia will embark on the largest and fastest privatization ever carried out by a government in history. By mid-decade, trade, services and small industries were already in private hands.
After a few years of minor improvements, the Russian economy suffered a relapse with the financial crisis of 1998. The main reasons for relapse were due to a high external debt overhang (caused by a state budget deficit and the financial weakness of banks and enterprises). This is unio falling oil prices, its main source of foreign exchange. This provoked a convulsive withdrawal of foreign capital, which led Russia to a lack of liquidity, a depreciation of the ruble, and finally unable to cope with the debts.
Nevertheless, a case back to the economy seemed almost impossible, with the unanimous rejection of the West. The Russian economy is found at the end of the ordeal with the recovery beginning in 1999 thanks in part to higher prices for its main exports: oil and natural gas.

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