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The economic lines of direction of the PED had two basic objectives: The acceleration of monopolista). From 1967 Dolphin economic. The agricultural politics was come back to expand the production, saw subsidies and promotion. By the same author: Pinterest. The exchange politics adopted the mini devaluations that became more competitive our products. Between 1970 and 1973, the exchange tax was appreciated in relation to the American dollar, with superior readjustments to the inflations registered in the periods. The external economic policy was very favorable to the foreign investments in the country. Multinationals received resources from its matrices under the intercompanhia form of loans.

Commercial banks had been authorized to catch external resources and to apply, under form of loans, in the domestic market. The wage politics of period 1967/1973 revealed contracionista, if analyzed only the readjustments of the wage-minimum (measured lined up with the objective of reduction of costs in the companies). However it had aiding in the accumulation of capital with the maintenance of raised profit tax and in the selective remuneration of staff with bigger qualification. wage rules of the PAEG had been modified in 1968, compensating the losses for the subestimao of the inflation. The bands of bigger remuneration had gotten real profits, especially in the Southeast, where the percentage of the workers who gained only one SM to 2 was minor who in the remaining portion of the country. economic 3Conseqncias of the Decisions the measures adopted for the team of Netto Dolphin, were remained, in its majority, with focus in the increase of the aggregate demand as form to give new impulse in the economic development. In the period the 68-73 industry of transformation grew to the average tax of 13,3%, with 16,6% peak em1973. The tax policies and criditcias expansionistas had served to alavancar the demand. With bigger freedom for investments state-owned companies, as Petrobra’s and CVRD, they had created diverse subsidiary.