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Smoker in the Ore Mountains have a longstanding, custom. As early as the mid-18th th century, people came up with the idea to establish the Cones wooden figures, called Smokers who to include in its interior, the incense and the resulting smoke through a hole (mouth) to give back. Those Erzgebirge items will also now carried on by some well-known arts and crafts factories like the KWO and Hubrig. The product range, which initially was only lights figures, the arc lights, and was archway, now supplemented again with modern characters in wood. In addition to manufactured cribs, crib figures, which are Erzgebirge pyramids and nutcrackers, which are traditional for Christmas decorations and are known far beyond the Erzgebirge addition, now also advanced Sitters, music boxes and flower children. How about these past times, is even today still made each character processed by hand, and painted. Served as motives for the old-fashioned wooden figures, theformer occupations. Miners and blacksmiths were especially popular characters. Much is often oriented to the mining industry. Thus, the Arches, which was then the shelter entrance point and show how the former miners looked for the last shift before Christmas their dugout steps. The first archway was made of iron in 1726. Nowadays, even wood. Traditionally, almost every miner’s family stood in the Erzgebirge, miner figurines and angels with candles in the window. They should donate the coming home Bergmann light. Based on the number of miners drawn characters and figures of angels, the neighborhood could see how many females, or children of members belonged to one family. The Erzgebirge well-known pyramids decorated early as 1800 during Advent the church. Motive for this presentation was a pit conveyor system, which was then placed in water or horse power in motion. The pyramids themselves were built so that they could be set with the hot air rising from the candles on the move. Now there are not just small shops in the Erzgebirge, in which charactersErzgebirge folk art in wood and can be purchased. On Christmas markets well, are always represented market huts that sell these Erzgebirge items. Bergmann figures and Smokers now are part of Christmas as the Christmas tree and are always a welcome surprise.

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