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New Welding Equipment

Cutter low pressure (RND), intended for manual cutting oxygen jet low-pressure low-carbon and low alloy steel with thickness from 2 to 200 mm using HEATINg flame formed combustion with oxygen, acetylene (cutter type A) or its substitutes (propane-butane – cutter performance P), (methylacetylene-allene fraction (IRF) – Cutter execution of M). The cutter is made in the usual way injection principle mixing of gases, but the design features of the product yielded the following advantages relative to conventional injection torch: Use of cutting oxygen low pressure and reduced diameter hole internal mouthpiece provides savings of up to 40% oxygen in small metal thickness up to 50mm Inner mouthpiece number 1 lets you work with metal thickness from 3mm to 50mm, without replacing it; cutter design eliminates reverse shock, which increases the safety of operation. This is achieved by mixing the gases directly into the cutter head; When the ignition flame is detached from the tip of the torch, burning steadily; When installing and replacing .

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