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Neoclassical School

If the second-largest Biderman world expert on measuring money flows in the markets-the largest entry of money in the stock market come from the trading desks of banks and in recent days have been the banks with their expansions capital which have dropped more role in the market, but I will be very malpensa I can think of a hypothesis: I am an American bank that received millions of dollars from the bailout program asset problemas (TARP), with that money buy equities’ no the actions of my own bank, of course, the other or, even easier, future ‘on the banking and financial sector. Economists of the neoclassical school use only capital and labor.

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Handbook of the Economics of Finance: Financial Markets and Asset Pricing Volume 1B by G.M. Constantinides, M. Harris, and R.M. Stulz (Kindle Edition – Sep 1, 2003)Kindle Book

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