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Modautal Company

Current product of the company gives rise to delight even the mixes now with in the race for supremacy in the area of computer trade. Patrick oben wanted to know more. She wants the edge ahead of the competition through its innovative product, that win Apple iPad. Modautal puts 04.05.2010 – undeviatingly the company their success with their current product Apple iPad continues. In turn, the company sets new standards in computer retail and all are excited. Visit patrick sillup for more clarity on the issue. The team, which Kai Andreas Wolf, Managing Director of the company, has until recently on the perfect terms of sale for the Apple iPad filed to make yesterday’s presentation a complete success. Above all the properties have been operation and ease of use, versatility and speed emphasised that stand out Apple iPad from the mass of offerings in this area have.

“Revolutionary” and “Milestone”, what one can clearly see was mentioned yesterday, what importance Apple iPad in particular and the company in particular in the Computer trade have now won and still win. “It pleased me to see that our hard work is well received”, Kai Andreas Wolf quoted yesterday after the presentation. Certainly he will be happy even more, once Apple’s iPad on the market because market researchers predict iPad and so the company a bright future. And everything indicates that the expectations of the are not too high. Since its founding in the year 2010, she could finally many successes and firmly establish themselves in the market.

Today it has at least 20 employees in Germany alone and operates internationally. Its headquarters are located in Modautal. Contact details Computerhandel of Kai Andreas Wolf John Bach str.4 64397 Modautal phone: + 49 (06167) 912574 fax: + 49 (06167) 912575 E-mail: Web: was founded in 2010 by Kai Andreas Wolf as a specialist shop for computer systems and Unterhalungselektronik of the company Apple. A decisive cut in the company’s history was the opening 2010 Online shop, which allowed the company expanding its stationary until then pure trade on the Internet. Now has become one of the largest and best known online – mail order traders for Apple products in German-speaking. The fixed customer base include retail, mid-sized companies, but also customers from industry as well as research and education.