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Marketing Strategies: Email

The email marketing is the possibility of communicating with a usuary potential of a service or product, with information interesting and updated on that product or service. But you have thought that what must do is to buy some of those data bases that suspiciously are commercialized by Internet post office, again reconsiders to invest its money in those alternatives. When he is sent an electronic mail we know that receives that it can choose to penalize to us like Spam, if he is something that never it asked for to receive, reason why a data base must be created with registries of people who accepted previemente that our information was to him useful and asked to receive it. For that reason it is necessary to create all the logistic technological one that he allows us to draw attention, to ask for a registry and to ask for a confirmation. But this is only a part of the technical aspect of the strategy. The technical aspect sandal different elements but mentioning the basic ones we would have: A registry form (preferably asking for few initial datas), and that this is connected to a data base, a system of autorrespuestas for the confirmation of the registry to the data base with double OptIn (double confirmation). If our message counts on images the ideal it is to have a servant where to provide with accomodations them to avoid to have to enclose them, turning the message into something heavy and therefore suspicious for the adressee.

Aspects of content: The strategy of marketing by electronic mail must allow to communicate of customized form with each one of the registered to the data base. This implies that the information is sent with own name and that if it established therefore it in the registry form, the content of the message is structured according to the information preferences that the registered one preferred (by ejp: promotions, you complete the news, advances, new services etc). By all means few strategies of email marketing are effective if we did not include texts or images with bonds that direct to the adressee of the message to some side, the ideal is generally that we send to visit our page Web. Aspects of design: With the thousands of emails that is received, the content of our messages must sufficiently be attractive to draw attention, but before abrir to the message the adressee is initially attracted with a good title in subject, that persuades to give click to see him in question. Once abierto the adressee it would have to find an excellent design, reason why this message will be more attractive with a design based on language HTML. Later analyses: Don’t mention it serves to tell to us on an ample Base of registered users to whom we sent information to them, if once done this shipment we cannot realise an analysis of the effectiveness of our message based on aspects like by ejp: To know who abri our message, when abri it, that to bonds it has given click him, that did not abri our message, among others statistical data that will allow us to make strategic decisions to improve the effectiveness of our communication with the clients.

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