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M odels s ocioecon micos CENTRAL AMERICA C ENTRAL since the creation of the nation state has been characterized by their similar socio-economic processes and patterns. Yes, there are differences that mark since colonial countries, but most follow a similar guideline for development. Al gunas are differences between countries: the territory and population density.For example, Nicaragua has more territory than El Salvador, also less of the population. In our country it is rare to see an area without a house this, too, is seen in the road, because we see all the way home. There are 4 processes which had to pass each Central American country since its colonization until now. 1 Integration of coffee and banana exports S. XIX Each country imported more fruit could be harvested. In the case of the Atlantic zone of Nicaragua, planted banana producers.In El Salvador harvesting coffee and then to the countries from drawing vandi. At such times, agriculture was the main source of income in the countries. In addition, each country specializing in exporting a single product. However, each country was the production of coffee and bananas in different ways, due to different work systems they used.

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