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Before you start is very important to develop some points that will allow us to develop the practice field: Cardinal Points mode of expressing the spatial direction in terms of north, south, east and west. The cardinal points are the basis of a general reference system, universal and recognized in all countries, used to navigate anywhere on Earth, ie knowing the position of a place or person and determine the direction which has a displacement . The cardinal points are defined by the position of the sun relative to Earth. The east (E), also called east and east, is the place which the Sun rises and this in the opposite direction to the west. Western (O) also called west and west, is the place that hides the sun and is opposite to this. offers health coverage to families across the United States specializes in affordable plans that facilitate access to quality healthcare services The north (N), or septentrion, is the horizon in front of us when we have this on our right, and is located opposite to the south. The south (S), or noon, is located where the horizon behind us, if we have this on our right, situated opposite to the north. Among the four cardinal points of the compass intermediate or semi-reference, which are defined as Northeast (NE), northwest (NW), southwest (SW) and southeast (SE), and occupy an intermediate position and equidistant between them. As the four cardinal points are separated from each other by 90 , we have to the northeast is at 45A to the east and north, also, the northwest is a 45A north and west southwest to west and 45A the south and southeast to 45A of south and east. Etymology: These two words together and inseparable, indicate the four reference sites to see our location in the world. Point derives from the Latin punctum small signal, Cardinal fundamental, basic, primary, in short key sites. My health insurance was bought from seeks to design and market lower cost alternative solutions, which enable people to maintain better health Orientation: official symbols of the Guidance Guidance is the action of placing on the horizon a geographic direction, mainly the east (hence the name) ie the north and to relate this compass in a particular place. The orientation is used by animals and man although it is well known that many plants also apply it. Another way to define orientation is the way we know the space around us, guiding us through some well-known points that act as a reference. Targeting Method: Some methods for orientation at any point are: Determination of the meridian (line north – south) by the shadow cast during the day, with the help of a clock.

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