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IBM Qucikr For Social Computing

Now it’s finally ready. After the initial announcement in January of this year, is now the first release of IBM Quickr available. The team collaboration software includes the first commercially available wiki application from IBM and is characterized in particular by integration with common office applications from Lotus and Microsoft. IBM Lotus Quickr Team Collaboration a simple application with the latest Web 2.0 technologies. The user provides a wealth of ready-made modules to collaborate on documents, team workspaces, wikis, blogs and business templates. All modules are easy to use and can further social networking elements such as bookmarking or tagging be expanded to expand. The core of Lotus Quickr are ready-made connectors to other popular applications. For example, users have the option of IBM Lotus Notes, Lotus Sametime, Microsoft Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office to access easily and directly to specific content and then store that content in a shared Quickr library. In addition, IBM plans toExtend interfaces Quickr, by later this year, a connector to the e-mail software, Microsoft Outlook is launched. With Lotus Quickr Web 2.0 is interesting for the first time, sales staff and its customers. Based on the Lotus Notes CRM solution GEDYS 7 modules with their contact and sales staff with Quickr an application for the close collaboration with customers is simply to create. In this way communities are generated, both the development of products and product quality, support and general information needs. CRM applications are among the most important applications for new developments such as BtoB Quickr also make a BtoC widely available at the customer premises. Companies receive good value for money. The price for Lotus Quickr is EUR 71, – per user. Within the framework of existing contracts from IBM Passport customers are more cost savings. For more information about Lotus Quckr interessts find the Lotus Notes information pack, which will be ordered free of chargecan. Author: Sabine Friedersdorf

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