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Everyone like to invest in funds, because we know that it is the best way to grow the money in a way – some times-fast and safe. Many people who heard about the investment funds do not believe in the possibility to grow the money because they know they have the possibility of losing their money as a bet, if you’re one of them you should know that there are investment funds that will ensure 100% that you will win money. Such funds are called guaranteed investment funds and ensure you a return on the money you invest that it goes from 1 to 10 years. This type of investment funds were born in 1994 when there was a big fight between the banks to win customers. Such funds invest in fixed income and dates are always fixed so that you can invest in them. Within guaranteed investment funds there are differences, as some claim you to that minimum will return you all your money and others that can ensure you only one percent of the return you. Either of the two situations are very good because of that Although you can get to lose part of the money you invest, you have many chances that you win lots of money. Invest in guaranteed investment funds and start to earn money!.

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