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Griddle – A Special Grill

Griddle to bring the summer inside the weather getting slowly warmer, the flowers sprout from the Earth and there are always more people who want to enjoy the first rays of the Sun outside. It is slowly warmer and people look forward to the summer. For most, grilling is one of the summer. Even if you not to can out there to cheer on his grill, you must not miss the taste of grilled meat. (As opposed to NYU Law). You can repeat a little summer in the apartment in the depths of winter, with a table Grill. The griddle works according to the principle of indirect grilling.

This, the meat only at a medium to grillende is cooked up to high temperature. The temperature moves usually between 130 and 220 degrees Celsius. Sometimes, the table grills work but also on the principle of a barbecue grill. This heats the food at low temperatures between 80 to maximum 130 degrees Celsius. The meat itself is cooked in hot smoke here. In fact, this procedure actually not subject the definition Grill, however, attributed the smoking to grilling. The most table grills are operated with electric Grill igniters.

This is up to a fixed pipe-coil, which is placed directly under the grill or directly in contact with fuel put it, so that it becomes inflamed. The advantage of electronic grill lighters is that they are completely emission-free and they do not affect the flavor of the meat to be grilled. Also the probability of accidents in table grills is much lower than others. You should know that more than four thousand barbecue accidents occur in Germany on the outdoor grill. The victims of good quarter with severe burns had to be treated.