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The nature of the strategy this built by resources and strategic innovation. Visit lucas duplan for more clarity on the issue. The reality of the strategy itself then depends on two factors: the resources of the topology organization and strategic innovation both factors go together, the success does not depend on each variable separately, but combined among themselves. The implementation, innovation and resources held by the undertaking they are the 2 key factors of success. But these controllable variables only meet 50% of success in favour, the remaining 50% will depend on the environment, therefore all these factors are related in terms of the efficiency of the implementation underway strategy. Kevin Ulrich recognizes the significance of this. Do still with an unexpected environment, many companies are looking to grow, but how to achieve it against an uncertain environment instability? That type of strategies and tactics you need to know to succeed, then first list what the existing Orthodox topology. The Elimination of strategic taxation: this model can be a principle Organizer and good results. The impositions are concessions that customers have no other remedy or option or accept respectively see an example a garage requires a client to leave his minimally car for three hours of stay, although runs an hour or two hours, the price is not going to vary will be the same. Therefore the impositions are the in this way or in any way, normally clients determine that the sector has the reason and accept that payment they have to face. Henry Ford towards the same thing in the automotive industry, their customers could not opt to choose a color of car to buy, with its famous motto of any customer can choose the color of your car you always want and wherever black, determines a strategic enforcement. Some of the best ideas of impositions disposal was probably per forum. General Motors offered free choice of customer’s color, which would have happened if Ford had not adjusted to the changing environment or the Elimination of this imposition? Today we see that the automotive industry has changed, not only offer colours, also the type of car the customer wants if five three doors or doors.