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Education that is taught in this degree was not limited to what we today consider scientific and mathematical principles in general, but it was aimed at an expansion of consciousness and a deep level of understanding. Mathematicians joined geometry, mathematics, music and astronomy whereas these two latest Sciences sisters United through harmony. 3. The third grade was the physical. They were the authentic researchers and scholars the most internal principles.

Those who had advanced in the initiatory path. Pythagoras was the first to coin the word philosopher, i.e. which loves wisdom. In your school is preparing the candidate so that he could receive a higher knowing that the same philosophy, such preparation was not directed to reason, but to the soul and the spirit, was what we might call interior preparation; This seems to have been the character of the highest degrees of the school of Pythagoras. Through this preparation, the candidate was taken to certain States which allowed him to overcome the rational knowledge that had been reached previously. The selection process of candidates to join the school was quite rigorous. According to Iamblichus, when arrived young people who wanted to live next to Pythagoras, he tasted them and decided whether they were or not suitable for entering the school. He asked for information about his parents, he watched his silence and his conversation.

I looked at how you walk, sit, and every movement of the body, came to capture his character even in those traits that did not show to the outside with clarity. If he felt fit, entering the isolation period to test its stability and if his desire to learn was real. After entering the period of five years of silence. During this time the assets of each were common and were managed by members of the community who had special knowledge and were experts in economics and law.