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INTRODUCTION In this project we will announce our new venture OF THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATION.Ltda, where our professional technicians will implement a network in the administrative areas TAXES FLORENCIA.Ltda also be carried out preventive maintenance of PCs. Shall state the steps that are performed to create a LAN with star topology TAXES FLORENCIA.Ltda company due to poor communication and lack of a network to share files between other resources. Generated daily failures and difficulties in the performance and efficiency of workers in carrying out their duties and act as big business. We will make this project through some slides for Packet Tracer to correct errors in order to take you directly to reality, finally we will present a model physical and logical topology of the company FLORENCIA.Ltda TAXES. OBJECTIVES GENERAL OBJECTIVE Implement a star topology network for enterprises that require communication between work areas of the same. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES Apply knowledge of networking in an enterprise LAN. Strengthen our knowledge, to get more experience and specialize in this field of work. Leave our company TIC.Ltda high, and provide excellent service to the community. To carry out a project, model and present students of Hardware Technician. BACKGROUND This company OF THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATION.Ltda, was created because of high demand from companies for the lack of technicians to be able to: “Designing a technical solution for an office environment. -Plan and implement a technical solution to a business. “Gathering information relevant to raise a technical solution to a problem. MISSION We are a leadership and commitment to our taxpayers IMP OF THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATION. Ltd., committed to its users in the plan to improve and provide the public benefits that contribute to sustainable development in our region. VISION Ensure and implement services for users with high quality performance and benefits.

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