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Decorative Jewlery

Screams throughout Germany: Gedon, jewellery, decorative and use stones are made of granite and concrete. Gedon stones are spattered colored granite and concrete blocks. It comes in the colors pink and black. The visible side of these handmade works of art decorated with glitter and rhinestones so that results a sparkling surface with different motives. Two different motifs available for selection, namely a heart and a lovable skull.

Gedon stones are ideal because of their dimensions and weight as the weight of any kind. Due to the weather resistance of the stones, they can be used as decoration and accessory use within your own four walls, but offer excellent possibilities for your cherished garden as oasis of relaxation! Gedon offers innovative design options for indoor and outdoor for kids and adults! Scene 1 a heart, which symbolically represents love, joy and togetherness. Thus, this heart of stone is ideal as a gift for Christmas, Valentine’s day, birthdays and for Suitable souvenirs of all kinds. Young and old enjoy this glitter heart. -“The heart, the love never dies.” The second possible motive is the skull called skally. Skally is a very nice and would rather skull, its Augen red glow and shine when the light fitting on. He hasn’t got a mouth, what to interpret is that he is a good and very “human” audience, particularly young people and adolescents to him for good.

Skally, he stands on the one hand for rebellion and rebellion, on the other hand for the good in people generally, because you never know if this arm or Empire in a skull, was pretty or ugly, big or small. He stands for that transitory, on the other hand for the classic timeless. Pirates and Buccaneers used this symbol as a trade mark, skally being the much dearer and nicer contemporary. The Gedon stones have different ways to use and offer a pure colors for lonely souls of glitter. Let the sparkling surface of the stones appear their home in small but beautiful way in a glittering paradise. Any views on these gems changed your perspective on the positive and cheerful way, let your inner self and your soul dangle and brings you even a smile on the lips. No matter whether skally or heart these artworks operate wellness for your well-being! So what are you waiting for, get yourself the ultimate gift for any occasion! gedonsteine by Gerlinde ADE