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Bank deposits on the internet consist basically in the same operation as the operation through a physical Bank branch, the only thing that changes is the used recruitment channel, this is rather than go to a branch we connect to a particular Web page. This fact results in that due to cost saving posed for the financial entity does not need to have a network of branches can offer higher returns from bank deposits which through a bank branch without unbalance your income statement. 1. Operation operation of these deposits is the same as the deposit in national currency, the only thing that changes is the channel of recruitment. East done, having to operate through an internet, has as a disadvantage that if through a traditional branch in an hour as maximum can make us customers and have contracted deposit, through internet will have to have patience.

This is due to that initially customers, will have to do us this is recruiting an account, usually in the form of a current account, to link the deposits that we will subsequently perform. This would a priori not be a drawback because the process might be much more agile in what is nowadays, that means hiring periods, i.e., since we realize high at the branch of internet of the entity, until the account is actually operational, ranging between 10 and 15 daysterm clearly is excessive. This is because once registered on the website the entity refers us the contract that we signed at the same time accompany it photocopies of ID case from individuals or deeds of Constitution and seizure case of legal persons, which greatly delay the recruitment process. 2. Advantages – inverter: the main advantages that the investor makes is the use of new technologies, in terms of the comfort of hiring, once the linked account is operational, and represent the greatest advantage in profitable bank deposits obtained as normally the entity to operate through that channel affects the cost savings you get the client paying a higher profitability.