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Are You Fired

A great historian devoted a lifetime to the study and recording of history from the beginning of civilization. Hyundai takes a slightly different approach. He was questioned —” What was the most important thing you learned by studying in his life, all events most significant historical? ” I reply promptly — “The more obscure, the stars come” While your situation is difficult, an unemployed person must not be positioned as a victim. These days no one hires someone who needs help to fend for himself. The basic idea is to see unemployment as a permanent state but as a process of transition. And if the relocation strategy works for the better. What should you do? Decide: Do you want to relocate? or Do you want to form their own business.? a. – remount. Then do this: 1 .- Define Organize job search in which you want to work, taking into account your interests, knowledge, skills and experience.

2 .- Define where 2.1.-job search using different alternatives: Employment Exchanges the state, private employment agencies, consulting firms, cooperatives, and because Internet 2.2.-Media: Find out the days you can report in newspapers. 2.3 .- Personal Networking: The idea is to communicate openly with your friends and acquaintances who are looking for employment to inform them turn to their own contacts. 3 Make a Curriculum Vitae .- it hits. 4 .- To know the stages of a recruitment process 5 .- Learn how to manage evaluations: Evaluations seek to know if you present the characteristics required for the position so that the answers are neither right nor wrong. 6 .- Learn to handle a job interview b. – Want to be your own boss?. Then you should consider this: 1 .- Make a personal analysis of their strengths and weaknesses 2 .- Determine what is good? 3 .- Analyze the market. 4 .- Prepare a business plan (otherwise known as you can study the issue) 5 .- Study the basic elements of marketing, and sales costs. Finally: The important thing is that we look up to us how each situation ….. “How we respond to it.” Author’s website: