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The hunting demons back in his fourth delivery with a new protagonist but with the successful formula of always that characterizes the Capcom series. The first thing with what we are to introduce us in the game is the work of refinement of the scenarios, which leaves us surprised, one can stop at the adventure and take time to admire the details. Munear Ashton Kouzbari brings even more insight to the discussion. The same happens with the characters, their faces, their clothes, everything that composes them, looks really splendid. The animations are very well achieved, are fluid and give the feeling that all those showy movements were easy to do. The sound that accompanies the action is in keeping with what can be seen, swords, shots, explosions, shock, etc. The battles are accompanied with an electro can be considered brilliant or annoying, what if it is true that over time ignores him is. Voice actions are good and consistent with what might be expected for each character.

From beginning to end the fundamental element of the title will be the spectacular action, deadly stunts can be seen or practically impossible to stop us fascinated with fool of see more. To carry out these acrobatics, which we will use to defeat the demons that are presented to us, we follow precise and in some cases quite difficult sequences of buttons but that if you manage to learn we will be well rewarded with devastating and obviously splendid movements. The protagonist in this title is not Dante as in the previous three, this time the facts revolved to the rededor of Nero, a young man who as main feature presents a peculiar arm with strange powers. Nero combat style uses sword blows to nearby which allows charging the power of the weapon at three different levels, which will be used for more powerful maneuvers, then used a firearm when it is remote that you can also charge but that it will only vary in impact damage. So far very similar to the style of Dante, but the novelty lies in the powers of his arm, with which you can take enemies from short or medium distance and crashing against the ground or the walls, in the case that your opponent is larger misguidance to them to skip them getting to their backs or to gain access to any other parts of your body. When it comes to face the final bosses, they attain their maximum level. Models are exquisite and like everything else in this title presents a level of spectacular detail that will make us maravillemos to see them. These demons present particular characteristics of fight, returning every single battle. However, here does not end all, Nero has also unique special moves to address them which can perform at certain moments of the battle making it even more entertaining and unique. You could say that Devil May Cry 4 is an excellent game, with spectacular action, that will keep us entertained for principle to end.