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A real computer

A real computer to play and ….. KB Hello everyone, welcome to this blog created especially for the entire gaming community in Argentina. For the former is obviously emepzar build a computer that can run the games and both have an affordable price, for this we select the best deals on Internet sales sites (Mercadolibre, auction, etc.).. But let’s presentation but the important thing: ASSEMBLE THE MACHINE: 1.The Processor: The best offer in realcionados money that I’m interested in is a highlight of the line processor Intel Pentium D 930. Has a speed of 3.0 Ghz enough to run any current game and do not forget that it is a dual core. Your price: 400 2. Motherboard and Motherboard: Best offer found is the Asus P5B-MX, great value for your money. Supports DDR2 533 Ram memory Mghz though it has just two slots for it (go 2 gigs), but tri-fold activated in dual channel (ie, that can be duplicated in some way the ram must activate this system). It has one PCI Express x16 (used by video cards of new generation), one PCI Express x1 and 3 PCI slots common (for accessory plates). Your price: 213 3. La Placa de Video: No doubt all the essential hardware gamer, so it will include 3 models: Gigabyte 7200 GS: It has 256 internal ram even if it works in 64-bit mode which is very low for today’s games. Also a great option if your pocket does not allow large expenditures. Your price: 175 XFX 7300 GS: From the hand of XFX one of the best dishes of the low-end nvidia 7 series. It has 256 of ram but it supports 512 and its interface is 256 bits. Your price: 229 Sentey 8400 GS: In the new 8000 series plates Direct10 support a reasonable and affordable price while sacrificing the benefits of the same.

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