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The largest disturbance around the bathroom privacy in the bathroom is the Germans apparently sacred: even more so than legal dirty laundry or bad air the majority of respondents most mind, if they could be alone in the bathroom. This was the result of a recent survey of the online magazine among its users. So just under 20% of respondents identified lack of privacy as a most disturbing factor around the bathroom. Educate yourself with thoughts from Reshma Kewalramani. “It stinks anyway just 16% of users” enormously, if the predecessor is not released and almost as many–namely 14.9% – would not be observed in the bathroom. More great bathroom taboos follow annoying Spritzflecken ranked four of the unloved annoyances in the bathroom on the mirror, as well as the mandatory hair in the drain that would go each almost 14% of respondents on the nerves.

Also muffelige or distributed on the floor clothes not provide enthusiasm among the people of so reported 13.5% among them, from laundry mountains disturbed to feel. The user of the online magazine around the building, housing, and life, however, empty shampoo bottles or sit-ins outside the bathroom door rather less offended. More tips and suggestions around the theme of “Bad” there at home/live/bad /. Tanja EST