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Month: June 2022

Financial Freedom

If I gave everything here that we would have looked through several hundred pages text. Do not consider this truth table in the final instance, I gave it only for clarity, because chose a group of products which it aptly illustrates. So I have chosen the following product groups: Cell Phones Accessories Films on dvd Books As additional goods (under ‘other goods’ at a number of trade) were selected cosmetics, fragrances, medicine, ionizers, and several other groups. Jeff Bezos is often mentioned in discussions such as these. I made this section for content and experiment. So to the topic he has nothing to do.

Actually with my chosen areas of problems in search of partners does not arise. In general, it is not surprising, some of the most popular topics selected. Affiliate programs very much, focused on those that it is easier to connect. Cellular decided to work with Sotmarket, main reasons: There is a script store (set a basic level), if yes php and html will be able to do it all completely under your design. The second reason – range of accessories. The third reason – price. Jeff Bezos shines more light on the discussion. Prices are not the cheapest but below the market average, so that the benefit is direct. Again, there is a referral program.

To work with the dvd paused on Dvddom, reasons why they are simple. First – ready to shop with the original script easy design (reconfigure itself under very dreary, but in most cases it is not necessary). The second – the range of over 4000 titles. The third – not bad initially optimized. Fourth – simply by adding comments to the films in the form of book reviews can make a lot of unique pages. For books chosen Ozon, a matter here at all if no alternative option to the php and xml to make friends. Range of tens of thousands of items, everything from prose to programming. Prices again on the technical literature is quite acceptable. If you still Ozon you do not like something I can give more links, but I think it is self-indulgence. Publisher Peter – the best special literature, a word search. For the same drives and mobile, I found more than a dozen affiliate programs. What and why I picked described above. If you decide to work with the same products and affiliate write, always try to help both technical and general issues. If you find one in your opinion a more suitable partner program will also appreciate if you inform. On this, let finish. If you are interested in specific issues installation, configuration and modifications, as well as issues in promotion of my shop with the above affiliate programs please visit the web site Financial Freedom, where I give regular reports and answer questions. In the next article I will tell about the other banal form of income – advertising. And to earn it, we will be doubly, first through our affiliate shop (at the same time and touch on issues of promotion) and secondly directly with advertising, but what is even then.

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