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Month: June 2020

Albert Einstein Intuitive

A service aligned with the new times that Integra the rational with the intuitive thing to offer a service that covers all the dimensions with our human experience, generating and accelerating processes of integral change and opening of brings back to consciousness. ” The mystery is the thing prettier than we can experiment. Check with Christos Staikouras to learn more. It is the source of all art and all science verdaderos”. – Albert Einstein- the intuition, so criticized and scorned historically, is a sense of the knowledge that it directly connects to us with the wisdom of the life, with its deeper creative essence. ” The intuition is related to that eternal part of our identity, our brings back to consciousness deeper or soul and allows us to connect with our source of inner wisdom, the sacred center where our higher creative power resides, mobilizing the infinity of resources and arquetpicas energies that are present in our interior. ” The intuition, also call intuitive intelligence is a sense of the knowledge related to the capacity of the human being to perceive the invisible and power aspect of the reality. ” Everything what exists is surrounded in a field of vital and creative energy that gives sense, as it affirms the hyperdimensional physics to him and the quantum mechanics and the human being own the adapted senses to accede to this subtler reality, to process the data presents/displays here and to transport it of adapted way, finding new creative and generative answers that impel the development and the evolution of the knowledge humano”.

The intuition directly is related to the evolution of brings back to consciousness human. ” As the human being is moving their perceptive level from the outer sensorial senses, ordered to perceive and to allow us to relate to us to the physical reality, towards the inner senses, senses subtler than allow us to relate to us to that greater reality and important than it surrounds to us and that we are, we are finding new ways to be and to be and are emerging new adaptive answers that impel the own evolution of the creativity humana.” The intuition is the vehicle able to integrate both realities, outside and the interior within an ample and coherent perceptive frame where to recover the sense of sacralidad by the life and from where beginning to indicate new adaptive answers and behavior of high level. The advising intuitive facilitates the emergencia of new adaptive answers of high level. The advantage to contract the services of an adviser intuitive is infinite and highly profitable. Whether it is at personal or enterprise level, the service that offers an adviser intuitive always is going to be directed towards the best possible and probable solution, generating changes integrative that they can take to the individual or organization to new levels of development and evolution. Everything is possible with the advising intuitive. The new paradigm in the relation of aid and the advising.

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New Intellectual Revolution

In this assay I show as the thought occidental person entered in crisis with the advent of the after-modern philosophy, that questions all our capacity to know. Such line of thought, argument, has its origin in a rejection to the iluminista thought of century 18. Its posterior development if gave through the romantismo culminating with Nietzsche, in the end of century 19. This thinker is in the bases of all the relativista thought/after-modernista of century 20. A new line of thought of the human being, however, is if consolidating through natural sciences, bringing a gust of renewal in this area. Until few decades, science was intent in objects of study as physical, chemical, biology, astronomy, among others things that are external to ‘ ‘ esprito’ ‘ human being.

Science human being who it recognized and accepted was the behaviorista psychology, that, we know today, it very presented a precarious model of theory of the mind, and many scientists believed that mental phenomena were subjects that had to be left to the incubency of the philosophy and religion. But finally, especially from the decade of 1980, science started if to come back toward a rigorous study of the human being, discovering doors that had been never before opened, allowing a bigger understanding of this creature. The consequences of such enterprise are producing a radical reformularization in our vision of the human being, opening way for a new school of social thought..

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Schwabisch Hall

Bausparkasse advises to consider whether the State subsidies have been fully exhausted before new year. Workers and customers should check before the turn of the year, whether they have secured the full claims on the State subsidies. With home savings, residential Riestern and fund saving, savers benefit from four rewards can come and collect up to 322 euro in the year. For married workers with two children, the annual premiums are total even 1,244 euros. Sebastian Flaith, financial analyst at the building society indicates Schwabisch Hall. Who thought to collect full benefits of employer of 470 euros on the contractor awarded the neunprozentige employee savings allowance of around 43 euros by the State. Investors optimally exploit Government support if they save 512 euros annually on a contractor and it received 8.8 percent housing premium, so 45 euro. This however certain income limits may not be be exceeded.

Lucrative promotion for residential Riester”the third attractive funding option for the home savings is the Riester allowance at the may even tax benefits can be added. Can be used them for savings on savings with which equity capital for the construction or acquisition (as of 2008) of even shared home ownership is established and for the eradication of building society loan. There are the maximum allowances, when four percent of broadcasters last year income (maximum 2.100 euros including allowances) on a certified Riester savings are applied. Every eligible legitimate 154 euro basic allowance then gets in a year, there is a one time bonus of 200 euros for career starters. For every child there is allowance 185 euro per year for children who were born after December 31, 2007, there are even 300 euros. Alternatively, this promotion can be used also to build of a private pension of money. Last but not least, a saver may again 20 percent, or 80 euro Get employee savings bonus, if he gets 400 euro assets on a fund savings.

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Green Reload

Since 2009 the free State of Saxony is one of the pioneers of electric mobility and we are pleased when more and more business ideas around this topic. Saxony provides excellent conditions for entrepreneurial commitment especially for electric mobility,”so Fiedler Secretary of State. In the port was announced in an award ceremony of the winners of the business plan competition: the business plan competition winners are the team E-taxi 12 A+++, Marvin Gatzlaff and Benjamin Bode of the Ostfalia University of applied science. 2Nd place went to team Green Reload (Enrico Hahne and Philip MacDougall of the HWR Berlin). Team ZEUS (mark Felgenhauer, Cedric Rohr and Immanuel torrent of TU Munich) occupies third place, team vitamin DC (Jenny Wesarg, Tim Adlung and Armin track b of the TU Dresden) 4th place.

The winning idea in the short version: If you look at the individual taxi ranks, striking that often several taxis waiting for customers. This waiting time could be useful to charge the energy storage. Depending on the time of day, the latency can be more than 15 minutes which the battery can be charged accordingly well. The locations of the electric fuel pumps should be at train stations, airports and hospitals. In addition the procedure should focus on. Many taxis are performed for non-mobile customers.

This market should be opened up especially.” The winning team receives a prize money of 2,500.00. Are the services of the second-placed team with a premium amounting to 1,500.00-, the third and fourth place finisher in each 500.00 reward. The production plant of the project partner BMW in Leipzig as a venue with its concept of sustainable and future-oriented mobility offered the right atmosphere. Be i3 electric BMW and produced from spring 2014 BMW i8 as a sports car of the future. The competition is part of one of ABB, BMW, DB, eight, RWE, of the University of Bamberg, the University of the Bundeswehr Munich and the Technical University of Dresden of jointly completed research project. This includes the establishment of a fast-charging station for electric vehicles to an exposed position at the BMW Welt in Munich to make electric mobility experience to a broad public and about carry out scientific surveys to users – and mobility behaviour, acceptance, sales potential, energy burden and the effect of reservation systems. The joint project of DC charging station at the Olympic Park”is 2.255.863,00 by the Federal Ministry for transport, building and urban development within the framework Supported the Federal Government’s showcase initiative. In April 2012, the Federal Government has four regions in Germany as a showcase of electric mobility”chosen and promotes the research and development of alternative drives here on decision of the German Bundestag. Overall, the Federal Government for the showcase program provides funding amounting to 180 million. In the large-scale regional demonstration and pilot projects, electric mobility is being tested at the interface of energy, vehicle and transport system. In the shop window Bavaria-Saxony connects electric mobility implemented some 40 projects with a total volume of around 130 million. The Bayern Innovativ GmbH and the Saxon Energy Agency s GmbH take over the coordination of the window together as project control center. More information, see, and contact: project leader Prof. Dr. Ulrike Stopka project coordination Jenny Wukasch Tel.: + 49 351 463 36876 E-Mail: press and public relations Mandy Wisniewski Tel.: + 49 351 463 36844 E-Mail: Photo: Martin Klindtworth

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III GmbH Investors

It feels a little strange at first glance, but the currently lower gold price has resulted in an increased turnover in the currently third Fund of the Koblenz-based emission House CGT. Konstanz, 09.07.2013. Gold is still very much in demand among investors for the reasons: The Canada gold trust III GmbH & co. KG is largely self-sufficient at a lower price, because in the worst case, the sale price at $ 850 is secured per fine ounce on behalf of investors and even the gold mining is still profitable. This also applies to the two previously established investments.

Therefore, and because the legal conditions are met, the management has decided to continue the placement until 30 September and probably to the option on the capital increase. Many investors who bought physical gold in the past few months, had to accept losses within a comparatively short time. Other investors of gold fund operating in Canada. This realized so far all given the brochures promise and thus up to 14 percent distributions in the Year. Peter Prasch, Managing Director of Canada gold trust is optimistic for the coming months: for investors of Canada gold trust fund the situation much better looks like the market image is currently emerging. Even at a gold price of under 1,000 euros per fine ounce we maintain a continuous gold mining in able to afford the predicted distributions of 14 percent per year”. With stand today, the price of gold is at about $ 1,220 per Troy ounce.

Experts such as the Swiss investment guru Felix Zulauf are moreover convinced that the price of gold has already passed through its bottom and will recover soon. Then, the investors of the Fund even to enjoy of the additional bonus payment could come, which accumulates from an average price of $ 1,500. Basically after the management of the funds is not even sad about the current development. Because to reach a profit from promoting itself as a manufacturing company. This is also therefore, because the most cost-effective Placer mining method will be utilised, won the gold in almost on the surface. Funding from the civil engineering are, however, very expensive. As a result, that some mine operators due to their own financial situation gone wrong. Interests in producing mines and also special mining services can be purchased this especially cheap what will positively affect the economic situation of the funds results. As a result, we are well positioned with our very good capital and can wait until the market recovers. We have an offer then, can deliver and realize so expect higher prices”, so Pamela. Many renowned experts confirm his assessment. And something else speaks for the previously established funds: as the parent company of Miningunternehmen operating in Canada ensures the Henning gold mines Inc., a so-called blame accession to their whole values the success of the Fund. That would be similar to a real estate fund, the rental income further to the Group related objects so far will, until the prospectus results are met. You can not expect more now really. September 30 can still join investors of Canada gold trust III GmbH & co. KG, the maximum height of the placement should be not previously achieved. A participation is possible from 10,000 euros plus five per cent premium. It is free the investors, maintain their profits and capital repatriation in cash or physical gold.

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Joe Kennedy

A non-consideration of the read law writing difficulties pupils concerned would be rather unfair. Incorrect: For students who have difficulties with spelling, but no medical certificate, which is not considered in higher classes. Correctly: The class Conference can use the exemptions of the administrative provisions of section 2.3.2 without medical certificate, if exists in a complex field of causes of a disrupted or delayed writing language. The compensation is also to apply the special educational needs and disability (medically diagnosed reading legal writing disorder). Incorrect: For a compensation, the parents must submit an application. Right: Schools are based on the principle of self binding Management and the principle of equal treatment (art. 3, paragraph 1, GG), is obliged to apply the regulations by virtue. A written request is not required but recommended.

A medical expert opinion should be submitted to the school, however. Wrong: compensation is no longer valid after the sixth grade. Compensation no longer applies in the graduating classes and exams. Right: compensation applies to students with medically diagnosed reading legal writing disorder but also without specialist diagnosis in serious reading legal writing difficulties at all grade levels including degree classes and tests (including in the form of longer, laptop use and stronger weighting of oral services). The way for those affected seems Rocky and difficult, but not insurmountable. However it is recommended by professionals, parallel to medical diagnosis and the application for compensation for the school to encourage the child to make precious time does not elapse playful. Without targeted funding can Read legal writing disorder not be overcome. Joe Kennedy, head of the Kennedy School’s private tutoring Institute”in Tuttlingen and owner of the online shipping creative learning (crealern).

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Rudiger Steffen

The wholesale and retail with a volume of EUR 8.57 million are located on 2nd (previous year EUR 6.65 million). For the first time, the hotel and catering industry in third place with a funding volume of EUR 8.11 million is represented in the top flight (previous year EUR 3.43 million). This represents an increase compared to the previous year by 136 percent. Thus could be triggered investments amounting to EUR 33 million and create 210 jobs. The reason for the growth in this segment lies in the increased monitoring of hotel projects in the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

And over 90 percent of our guarantees and guarantees for investments have been put out, we could make an important contribution to the improvement of the tourist infrastructure in the country,”said Dr. Gerd-Rudiger Steffen; another business leader of guarantee Bank Schleswig-Holstein. A good example of how the attractiveness of the offer for tourist and local guests in the country can be improved, is jib’s delicacy in Neustadt, Holstein. With the support of the guarantee Bank Managing Director Olaf Kruger has can expand production in Gleschendorf to another Hall and take on new, non-alcoholic drinks, such as soft drink and soda in the own range. Early 2013 the company also also took over the catering specialists and meat producer Almer of Stockelsdorf with 18 employees. This measure also enables more markets for the specialties and in-house products for the company.

Increasing support for founders of new businesses again entrepreneur have seen better times. Nationwide, there were 9 per cent fewer start-ups as 2011 last year. In Schleswig-Holstein, 169 existence establishment of financing (2011: 186) could be performed 2012 over the guarantee Bank as a whole. This lower figure corresponds with the business registrations in Schleswig-Holstein, which has fallen from 2011 to 2012 to 7 percent. For 2013 an increase in the guarantee commitments to entrepreneur is recorded 27 percent in the first five months.

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The Expenditure

3 Credit budget. subsidies shall be charged against the appropriations available after deducting the commitments arising from previous exercises, the concept 742 of the expenditure budget of the autonomous organism national parks. The estimated amount of subsidy on the call is 1.838.000 for the concept 742. The amount of the annuity of 2011 may be increased in an additional amount of 150,000 according to the rules provided for in article 58.2 of the regulation of the general law on subsidies, although the effectiveness of this additional amount depends on to obtain additional funding prior to the concession. Since laying down two payments for projects, one with character of advance to the granting, and another at the completion of the project, and given that the projects will have a duration of three years, the distribution by annuities to the 742 concept will therefore follows: visualize the economic picture in the web that points to the bottom of the article. bout the problem. 4 Typology of eligible projects. To deepen your understanding Christie’s is the source. 1. The projects susceptible of benefiting from this aid scheme shall be research oriented towards the acquisition of new scientific knowledge in priority lines included in the research programme of the national parks network.

2. The projects shall be both unidisciplinares as multidisciplinary, individual or coordinated, constituted by two or more subprojects in charge of so many others, research, of the same or different entities the latter but belonging to different University departments or research centres. In case of different entities, the beneficiary entities are those to which belong the researchers responsible for each subproject. 5. Requirements to the projects. 1. The projects must relate to one or more of the national parks included in the network of national parks.

2. The projects shall be susceptible of generating new knowledge applicable to the whole of the network of national parks. 3 Projects must meet one or more of the priority lines established in the annex.

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European Treaty

It proposes that the State has some type of prior control over urban development plans of municipalities and autonomous regions to prevent corruption. It suggests a reasonable taxation and elimination of administrative barriers for entrepreneurs. The Spanish educational system, the best in the world to train officials, must now try to become entrepreneurs. It advocates encourage the partial, more flexible contract as demanding entrepreneurs and more security as demanding workers. Also in this chapter is supporter of the Pact so the modification of wages and corporate profits follow parallel tracks. Bets on specific programs forming young people who dropped out of school in advance while they work. For those who have training but found no work, you want to make an effort to give them their first opportunity. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Liberty Life. When you walk into the labour market is much easier to stay in him.

Stresses the need to tear down the boundaries between the University and the company, launching a scientific Schengen, in rrencia to the European Treaty on free movement of persons, to go from being the ninth country in the world in scientific publications to the ninth country in patents. Undertakes to not change any Education Act into force and reiterates its proposal to launch a MIR for teachers. It advocates care differentiated students with more difficulties. It ensures that you won’t do anything or sign anything that could weaken the public health system and rejects the co-payment. He reiterated his intention that a substantive part of the 8,000 million extras that year that comes to the regional funding will be allocated are directed to health care. It is committed to continue supporting the family against the attitude of the PP: some preach and others do. It stresses the need to continue to reduce the deficit and comply with the Pact of the euro, because an economy is healthy when you have no imbalances. It suggests promoting employment in sectors such as renewable energy, climate change and ageing. Source of the news: the main proposals and commitments of Rubalcaba as a candidate for elections

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