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Month: April 2014


The research is of qualitative matrix and quantitative, through a literature revision, on the basis of the searched information, were selected some item important where they will be boarded (as and which dreams they had when they had been victims of the abandonment, when it perceived that it would not find more with its father, and which occured the social and psychological changes after all these types of event) and a field research. The literature revision has basic paper in the academic work, therefore he is through it that you inside point out its work of the great seek area of which is part, contextualizando it, the method is hermeneutic and whose the source of collection of data is qualitative. To point out the work is very important in such a way for who makes how much for the reader of the text: for who it writes, because it will need to define the pertinent authors to base its work, what it will demand a vast reading, constant and repeated; for who reads, because it can identify the theoretical line where the work if inserts with base in the authors selected for the literature revision. Through the literature revision, it is possible to report and to evaluate the knowledge produced in previous research, detaching excellent concepts, procedures, results, quarrels and conclusions for its work. In this part of the work to foresee to argue the questions related to the state of the art of the area where its research if inserts. To construct a revision is not easy task. A reading deepened and intense of the texts is necessary that will be used as reference. For the revision, it has taken in account) the verbs used for the author in citations; b) the relation between the cited research (if they overlap contrast between itself); c) it justifies the presence of the cited texts; d) explicite where moments you are the only author of the text that is being constructed.

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Open Manufacturer Site

But there is also another part of the population (mainly according to research by this group includes young people under the age of 35 years residence in the major cities, as well as employees of IT-companies), which more and more time in the global network Internet. At first glance, a fairly simple process often leads people astray, it seems complicated and confusing. Let's try to a specific example to show the whole process. Take a popular request "Notebook" and make the "purchase" in Donetsk. Open Manufacturer Site and go to the Ukrainian section. Taking advantage of viewing the directory choose the following model ASUS F52Q. Using a search engine, enter a key phrase ASUS F52Q Donetsk" (use a search engine) and get a list of online retailers represented in the region. From the list to compare the cost of select a few online stores Donetsk (for example, the first 3).

A further analysis of the proposals we see that the most attractive price in the first store. But there have to be careful: A more detailed study of the store gives information that the cost does not include shipping and insurance, which increases the stated value (about 200 USD. in this case which gives the result 4305 USD). The second store in the list is already represented in the region and produces home delivery, but the cost is higher (4,450 USD).. A third store gives us the lowest cost (4285 USD). In the region, with nothing to pay for shipping. Next we have to make a phone call to the selected us online shop in Donetsk (in this case, houses) on telephone number listed on the site and to specify all the details, make an order that will be delivered to us free of charge to the address in the city of Donetsk.

And one more nuance. Note also the number of products in the category. Napromer in the category of notebooks in Donetsk in the store 'Brownie' more than 400 products. A lot of products – a good sign, most likely it means that the store has a lot of suppliers, so we can hope for the best price and quality, because the store has plenty to choose from. As can be seen, make purchases through a global network of convenient and practical, and most importantly profitable.

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Poet Universal Miguel Hernandez

(A few months after the celebration of the centenary of the birth of the poet of the village which has been officially termed year Hernandiano (1910-2010). We project a ray to vindicate his bonhomie as for freedom, justice and equality, to further spread his courageous spirit of delivery). Inmates who did cleaning of nursing came out horrified of the putrid stench of the sores. Recent weeks fellow Joaquin Ramon Rocamora, who encouraged him with his words while you into air. By the hole in its side flows abundant pus, the cannula comes out, and Joaquin placed, again and again. Told, your last sentence was: in the early hours of 28-03-1942. The epistolary 437 who know Miguel, 316 are addressed to his wife.

The last thought of Michael before his death: his shriveled and uninhabited lips shudder, hissing with difficult and hoarse respiration: Ay, daughter, Josefina, how miserable you are!. Excerpted and expanded Jose Luis Ferris, Miguel Hernandez, passions, jail and death of a poet. Today, 2002 themes, p.486. The loving and amorous Miguel – met some girls and quite a few women he exchanged ideas and tried as equals by an innate tendency, we can say almost lyrical. All these women give a life experience and a reflection on the necessity of an equality from an early age to the poet. Let’s review some of them.

His mother conception that she can worship said that Miguel was cabezonico, from child has a special relationship of love with her sisters Elvira and embodies, in a letter to Carmen Conde and Antonio Oliver(sep. 1933) called them: dark and beloved Gypsy. Notes and loathes the authoritarianism of the master your padre(D. Miguel) that exerts its severe and slaveholding way existing in the society of that time and in particular of its class, ganado(ademas era de estirpe gitana) handler, the same, since very little, was spared more than one beating to be defended by the his mother Concheta skirts.

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Global Compact Principle

The UN Global Compact has had a great success among companies, trade unions, educational institutions and NGOs, but it has also been criticized for not having the Global Pact binding is an instrument of free accession for companies, unions and civil society organizations, to implement the ten principles which integrated it into their strategies and operations. The entity that adheres to the Global Compact voluntarily committed go implementing the ten principles in their day-to-day activities and accountability to society, with publicity and transparency, of the progress made in this implementation process, through the preparation of progress reports. Ten human rights principles principle No. 1. Support and respect the protection of human rights. Principle No. 2. Not be complicit in rights abuses.

Workplace principle No. 3. Support the principles of freedom of Association and Trade Union and the right to collective bargaining. Principle No. 4. Elimination of forced and compulsory labour. Principle No.

5. Abolish all forms of child labour. Principle No. 6. Elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation. Environment principle No. 7. Supporting the preventive approach to environmental challenges. Principle No. 8. Promote greater environmental responsibility. Principle No. 9. Encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies. Anti corruption principle No. 10. Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and crime these ten principles should be constantly taken into account when evaluating companies manifest as much ethics in its operation, service, how management prevents that is incidentally to violations that infringe on ethics, we were not surprised, that in Venezuela, many companies are accused of corruption, support and respect the protection to human rights, pollution of the environment, areas rights abuses labor. It is very interesting also the contributions that given the advance of technology, what globalization has generated and as this can take step to be fracture ethical behavior, as well as the manifest Henry Jesus Mendoza Pacheco, the technologies of information and communication (technology ICT) are invading all aspects of human existence and are posing serious challenges to social values that were considered to be firmly established.

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Hotel Price Comparison Portal Appoints Martin Sanford To The Executive Board

News from the beds hunting Germany GmbH beds hunting Germany GmbH was originally founded by Sebastian Pempelfort and Robert Elsner in September 2007. Due to the sudden death of Sebastian Pempelfort beginning of 2009 Robert Elsner led the company and the Board of directors until today alone. Now Robert Elsner has brought reinforcements for the team of now supports and manages Martin Sanford the company that provides Internet users with the free and independent price comparison of hotels, bed and breakfast, vacation rentals and other lodging possibilities in the Internet as another business leader. Martin Sanford is a graduate in computer science with a focus on web-based information systems. As a freelance software developer and project manager, he was previously involved in the development of Internet platforms and served as managing partner the link Ltd., an operating company in a social bookmarking application. Since August, 2009 Martin Sanford is already as a senior software developer and Manager active area of technology of beds hunting Germany GmbH. With his appointment as Managing Director, the company makes a further step for a successful future.

The year 2009 was a very important and crucial year for us. The objectives were achieved and in addition meets. The course with the extension of the Management Board has been set for the coming year. We are optimistic about the year 2010, to continue the success of last years\”, as Robert Elsner, CEO of beds hunting Germany GmbH. More info on the beds hunting Germany GmbH, as well as current special offers of the hotel price comparison spor Valley are accessible on the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: press compartments/bettenjagd.

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Brad Pitt

The first moments you can be gotten to feel rare, but you will see that the answers do not leave place to doubts. It is not necessary that you are Brad Pitt far from it, the external appearance is not so important, which really interests is that you apply the knowledge well that you are going to obtain. Returning to the main subject, you will have to cut all contact with her and to maintain it in confusion state. It, like any woman, is wishing some type of answer by your part. Eye, does not stop to see if you solve the things, but to justify itself to itself that it has done what had. If you are very innocent you will use it in tray, if you wish to know how to reclaim your fianc2ee you do not call it.

It will begin to ask many things, to be confused and to doubt. You will use this situation. I will teach to you how. 3-Follow an action plan. At this moment, when you know clearly the steps to follow (I will help you to obtain it), we will step by step see all the phases by which you must to happen for convertirte in somebody irresistible one to its eyes, we will detail a specific plan of action, in which gradually you will notice how you evolve to better and it will feel attracted more and more towards you. This is not nothing of supernatural magician nor, it is a proven method with many years of experience of field and percentage of effectiveness of more of a 80%.

If the system continues in the market after so many years it is because it works.Hundreds of men have obtained already it, if really you want to be one more of those who knew how to recover to his pair and now they are happy to his side visits this page Web where you will know in detail everything what you must make to achieve the success. It will return to be to your side in much less than you create, to Very many obtain it men before the month. If you dare to take the steps necessary to recover to your pair, you do click in. Fabio Stussi takes working in the field of the recovery of pairs broken for more than 11 years with a high rate of effectiveness. If you wish to know its way to work At the moment gives lectures and seminaries on resolution of conflicts in the pair, have several articles published in Italy and usually collaborate in radio programs and press written in that country. Original author and source of the article

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Although it is expected that a signature values are universal, there are many ways to capture the attention of the customer. I do not think that the geographical component is as important as the common values between cultures. It gives us also, which for Paul Schoemaker, strategy expert and director of research of the Mack Center for technological innovation, managers must develop the ability to anticipate the changes that occur in the future and introduce an element of flexibility in their strategies. That is the only way to get ahead in uncertain times. It is also necessary to have ability of organization and control of external changes in real time.

It is important to be attentive. In his view, uncertainty is an opportunity for those who are ready. Managers tend to protect what they have and wait until that uncertainty ends solving with time. A better strategy is to take advantage of it. The best opportunities come at moments of crises, not in times of stability. The key lies in that, apart from historical fluctuations, managers must rely on its imagination, paying attention to the signs of weakness, establishing comparisons with other sectors and listening to experts from outside and the company itself. To Schoemaker, if companies re-think their strategies, also could avoid the avalanche of layoffs that is occurring around the world: A better strategy would foster growth and, therefore, new contracts. But, too often, managers are focusing their attention on what has worked in the past and unable to adapt their strategies to the new reality.

Companies are dynamic by nature. Now, for example, we witness a creative destruction, while at other times have witnessed the ability to reinvent itself from companies large and small. Furthermore, it adds that leaders can learn from their mistakes in this crisis. Some have an excess of confidence, other ignore relevant facts and some feel unsafe or uncomfortable in a situation of confusion.

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Chinese Nokia

Chinese mobile phones – are not the cheapest phones Nokla or NoName that all scared a few years ago, modern, safe fashion models fashion brands at attractive prices. However, the Chinese copy of the cellular phone iPhone, Nokia and HTC communicators of the last generation, often surpass the originals in terms of functionality and are not inferior in build quality. What do people think about copies of phones manufactured in China. Of course people's opinions separated. Chinese cell phones did not concede on quality and feature set, the official producers.

Chinese copy of Nokia and iPhone are different from their known counterparts are much more functionality, and most importantly value. The price of a copy of phones is much lower, not because they are not made of quality materials, or even worse, "on his knees," although some people still think so. In today's economy on the promotion of new brand phone, you need huge financial costs for advertising, marketing, and opening offices around the world. It is these conditions and determine the premium price for a particular brand phone. Chinese manufacturers are doing Mobile phones are no different from the more prestigious models. High-quality Chinese mobile phones can be divided into three streams: it is 100% copies of famous brands, 100% foreign copies, but their e stuffing and own mobile phones. Usually made up phone looks so good that not everyone can identify that the copy in front of him. Today, the Chinese phones are in demand worldwide.

(Look at how many offers for sale copies of copies of the iPhone and Nokia in the U.S. ebay.) Most of the functionality that is not available brand models and the high price of a copy of phones and gaining customers worldwide. Original Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte costs about $ 1,500, though the price of 100% up only $ 200 -250 $, the original iPhone cost $ 1,000, and a copy of $ 250 -300 $ Chinese Nokia and iPhone have the advantages that can be a very long list: complete external similarity with the original, two simultaneous working SIM card, Color TV, photo and video camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, Internet, and much, much more. I would like to add that the Chinese copies are equipped with two batteries, charger, headset, stylus, if there is a touchscreen. In today do not simple economic situation, the Chinese manufacturers cut prices on their goods, knowing that the lower the value, the more sales. Prices for Chinese cell phones – a striking confirmation of this. Average value does not exceed $ 250. Copies of cell phones, in any case can not be considered a forgery. It is your own high-tech developments, where the basis is the only appearance of the untwisted system. For those who interested in the Chinese cell phones offer read range in our online store. Of the variety of tubes, we chose the best quality and proven devices that are fully russifitsirovanye and ready for use in GSM networks across Russia.

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