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1940: Platko, Tirado and Sorrel

Expansion CNN Lehman Brothers Holdings Location: 1 date the application for bankruptcy: 15/09/08 activities: 691.000 million dolares One of the greatest calamities of the current recession is the drop in the investment firm once highly recognized (and sometimes the fourth largest) from Wall Street. He was forced to seek bankruptcy protection in September of last year, making it in corporate banking and trade to make the biggest application in the history of the States Bankruptcy Court Unidos. Colo-Colo start of the decade of 1940 to obtain the Apertura championship after beating in the finals to the University of Chile by 3 to 2. However, in a national championship held irregular presentation, finishing in fourth place.
In the 1941 season and with a front formed by Enrique Sorrel, Cesar Socarraz, Alfonso Dominguez, Tomas Rojas Contreras and Norton, the white added their third star, and unbeaten for the second time with an average of nearly 3.5 goals per game. 9 Francisco Platko football national revolution, with the implementation of the scheme set to “WMA” and half the police, naming the player who received the mark on centrodelantero rival, something unprecedented for the time. That same year Platko was called to direct selection of futbol Chile, especially for the South American Championship 1942 in Uruguay developed. The following year conflict and economic management led to the resignation of newly elected President Robinson alvarez, impacts were noted in the official competition where only Colo-Colo finishes in third place. In 1943, despite the wear of the players and coaches was evident towards the club placed second two points below Union Spanish.
The year 1944 began with the resignation and dismissal of Platko more foreign players as part of a policy of “Chilenizando” the team adopted by the club that year. The changes took effect, because under the guidance of national coach Luis Tirado, who replaces Arturo Torres in the middle of the season, Colo-Colo won the national championship again, defeating the last date to Audax Italiano, which was before the first party (to a point of Colo-Colo) by 3:1. The following year, although it had much of the campus towards the championship, but that the problem of having no spare, do the Colo-Colo worst campaign of his story at the end penultimos, just beyond the weak Badminton.
In 1946, despite the strengthening of good stock, to pay 180,000 to the defense Sunday for Magallanes Pino, the large number of injuries affecting the team joined the poor performance offered by some reinforcements failed to make a good bell, housed in a discrete sixth.
But in the 1947 season, Colo-Colo is devoted champion again, this time under the coaching of former player Henry Sorrel, three dates of the championship final. This title served as the basis for the organization of the club Copa America Champions in 1948, forerunner of the future championship Copa Libertadores de America, with Argentina’s River Plate, Vasco da Gama of Brazil (the eventual tournament champions), CD Coast of Bolivia, Emelec of Ecuador, Peru Deportivo Municipal National and Uruguay. In the years after the problems became more pronounced and institutional sports, ending the decade at the ninth position.

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