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4Life Research, whose headquarters is in Utah, USA, was founded in 1998. By David places to visit and Bianca Lisonbee. Them for 27 years of his life were devoted to business, they took companies to 0 or bankrupt and had to be billion dollar companies, after that time decide to withdraw from the business world to sightseeing attractions enjoy the fruits of these years of effort and dedication. In the attractions year 1996, a scientist who had previously worked with them presents a sights unique product in the world and that would change the history of preventive medicine, this product would be considered the third most important discovery after the discovery brochures immunology of penicillin and vaccines, so that this married couple decide to buy the patent on it by investing 47 million adventure travel to protect the formula until 2050. But David and Bianca not only wanted to enjoy the profits of a product unique in the world but they decided to create a company with the goal that millions of people across the world could change their lives not only in attraction the field of health but also visiting financially, this also because Bianca was the daughter of Italian immigrants and learned firsthand the tourist attractions difficulties all of which must spend the thousands of families who leave their countries to seek a better future and David Lesonbee who always in tourist board search of the best alternatives in terms of health concerns. In 2000 4life purchase one of the most tourist information important companies in the U.S. that focuses on weight loss plans Shape Rite ‘which makes us know that traveling 4Life has the economic power that destination allows the continued growth and strength. Among the awards he has won 4 Life Research travel guide , during these 9 travel years in the market, we found that in 2003, Inc. magazine (American Magazine, where sightseeing the big investors to consult their investments perform well, this magazine is dedicated to Examine the best fastest growing 20,000 companies in the U.S.). I sort 4Life Research as the bureau number 15 in the ranking of the 500 privately-owned company of faster visitor growth in the United States. Having registered a growth of 6108 since its turist founding visitors in 1998.

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