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Working from Home

Working from home with Productivity: There are many who are concerned about this issue and have asked me devoting an article. How to work well from home and be productive? It's a challenge, no doubt because we have around us many distractions and focus can be difficult. I personally I have a home office and I'm pretty happy with my performance. Yes, try to keep a routine and habits that I think works, and I'd like to share with you. It is an important issue, because, besides the number of freelancers and professionals who work from home, who more and some less, but working in an office, has ever had to do. It is true that do that from home offers more flexibility and freedom of schedules, but we can never use that freedom to foment chaos and disruption, but to preserve and enhance our creativity and inspiration. Create studied routines will help you be more productive from home. Special times of the day fixed for certain activities and booking others for pure drudgery.

For example, I usually write a paper to get up, when I'm fresher, read and study from 17:00, never before floor walk through a nearby park before eating, as always at the same time, I read feeds late in the day, etc. I've found that works for me. You have to create you some routines and schedules based on your "biorhythms productive" and preferences. And do not skip it! We must not use the freedom and flexibility of schedules to promote the disruption but to enhance our creativity and inspiration. 2Cuida the environment and working environment, especially if your house is going to be your "headquarters" is very important to check daily working environment.

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