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Why You Should Play Tennis

Many thinks to tennis but to stand around rather well to a sport in which the players in a (mostly green), table tennis, to be small, holding a bat in his hand and beat a well to be small, white ball. Many people are not aware that tennis is not only a Freizitvergngen, where you stupid eindrischt on balls. No, it’s a real sport that can be operated very professionally! Above all, speed, endurance, coordination and reaction times are extremely important in this sport. Also Table Tennis is technically extremely demanding: You can spieln be proactive and able to anticipate to some extent the moves of the opponent, and then take the right decision for gernau a reaction to the myriad of moves is (slice, topspin eg, block, adopted In the light, etc.) can be. For children the sport at the ping pong table is ideally suited to enable them first glimpse into the world of sport. Table tennis is children in various fieldsbe used because they promote both physically and also mentally and the social field. In particular, the sense of balance and fine motor processes, which encourages children who are living in the big city and are therefore often not enough to play outdoors, often trained to be weak, particularly strong in table tennis game. In addition, also coached by the way stamina and fitness, excess pounds arises or may not even be abgbaut. The risk of injury is much lower than in many other sports, like football, as agents are prevented by the enemy or less. Warms to the players before the game even good to get other injuries are rare. All this means that the sport can be at the green table tennis, not only as a child, but also as a pensioner still operate safely and with joy!

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