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What Is The Invalidity Of Civil Servants ?

The notion of invalidity applies only in the civil service application. If a worker or employee, we would talk about work. The officer is in a service and loyalty to his employer and must make their own contributions to any pension and disability pension, the state takes over for him. To distinguish, there are two types of invalidity, temporary and permanent invalidity. Then the question of invalidity, if a civil servant because of mental or physical disability, temporarily or permanently unable to work as a proven and thus fulfill his obligations to his employer can not. Temporary disablement is when the employment of illness is not limited in time to run. This would be a sick leave due to a cold so. This is rehabilitierbar and the time frame of the disease is in sight.

Was distorted by a period of six months a total of more than three months of Disease provided no service and lacks the prospect of the officials in the next 6 months to be classified as fully operational, we speak here of a permanent invalidity. In order to support this law is the need for a medical examination. If such permanent disablement by an existing illness with no foreseeable period, then the employer (the employer) the invalidity of an official to express formally. For certification of invalidity, the civil servant is entitled to immediate life-long pension, which would correspond to the ordinary worker or employee of the pension. If the invalidity in connection with an employment accident, the employer must provide the official replacement for the existing services also corresponding salary. For the purchase of pension shall be preceded by a minimum 5-year-old official activity. Claims below the qualifying period be carried over to subsequent pension with the LVA. Same is true for civil servants in a Sampling ratio or temporary civil servants. Both groups have generally not entitled to invalidity pension. They also must deal with the maintenance because of their invalidity of the statutory pension insurance. Especially for probationers and therefore a withdrawal of invalidity insurance is recommended.

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