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was founded in

was founded in January 1966 by Ignacio Guerra Pellegaud CP-co-founder of the Universidad del Valle de Mexico and former president of the Federation of Private Mexican Institutions of Higher Education (FIMPES) – initiating operations at home on Avenida Chapultepec No. 142 Mexico City, initially providing Degree in Business Administration, Accounting and two years later opened its first permanent campus on Avenida Marina Nacional No. 162. In 1970, Race begins Surgeon dentist, same that would be one of the highlights of that institution.By 1975, joining the university careers Tourism Business Administration, Marketing, Finance and Economics. Similarly, sets their graduate studies with specializations in Marketing, Human Resource Management, Financial Management and Industrial Operations . In the late ’70s, the school opens the UNITEC, however, suspended its operations for 1982 so momentary. That same year he began to teach the Law degree, and three years later, the Bachelor in Computer Management.In 1990, he opened the second campus of Unitec, Cuitlahuac, in North Street No. 67 in the San Salvador Xochimancas that by 1994, are concluded in full its facilities with six buildings. This new campus provides first School of Engineering with the careers of Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Communications, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and also joined Degree in Architecture and Graphic Design.In turn, the program was restored and teaching High School. In January and September 1992 were added to the campus career in Computer Systems Engineering and Information Administration, respectively. On 25 August 1997 started its operations on South Campus High School hosting facilities, Degree, Specialization and Continuing Education. The campus was built on an area of 23,000 sqm, which were found during construction, archaeological remains of the Mexica culture. 6 On 31 August 1999, it opened the Campus Atizap n, located in Atizapan de Zaragoza, Mexico State. Its facilities, as well as South Campus, projected programs for high school students, undergraduate, specialty and continuing education.Atizap n campus sits on what was once an extensive health club. The first stage of construction was completed in 1999, completed in full the university campus buildings set to serve a capacity of about 12,000 students . The project of the campus is planned in two stages occupy a total area of 21 hectares and 82,000 square meters of construction. On 30 September 2002, opens on campus also Ecatepec Mexico State teaching plan school and twelve degrees. In 2004, campuses were opened simultaneously Coyoacan in Mexico City, Zapopan in Jalisco state and Summits in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. In September 2002 the degree plan (superior) from the UNITEC received confirmation of registration to the Program and Administrative Simplification Standard Plans and Programs of Study Academic Excellence by the Ministry of Education.This the accration as an institution of academic excellence by the secretariat. In 2006, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the UNITEC, held a chair in the doctors Mario J. Molina and Frank Sherwood Rowland, Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1995, which addressed the theme Sustainable Development and Ecology, global warming and climate change in the Campus Atizap n. That same year, the school (middle top) of the UNITEC received confirmation of registration to the Program and Administrative Simplification Standard Plans and Programs of Study Academic Excellence by the Ministry of Education. Also in 2006, was accred UNITEC Dentistry’s career by the National Council on Dental Education (CONAEDO).In 2007, degrees in business administration from Cuitlahuac Campus, South Campus Marketing, Finance and Accounting Atizap n Campus Campus Ecatepec, received accration by the CACEC (Accration Council on the Teaching of Accounting and Administration) in May 2008, the company Laureate Education Inc.

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