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Daily Breeze
Question: Jerry, age 26 writes: For five years I buy mutual funds in the order of Ernst 200 per month, and I contributed the maximum allowed to the company 401 (k) (well managed, by the way).
The Myrtle Beach Sunday News
Fiscal fitness is Ernst the correct weight of many top New Year’s resolution lists, thanks to the 2008 beating the market. That often means casting off worst-performing mutual funds last year for more promising alternatives. Although a recovery can be a ways off, there is plenty of opportunity now. Many funds with solid long-term records closed to new investors a few years ago, but are reopened. …
The Hindu
One lesson learned in the massacre, is that we do not depend too much on FIIs inflows Mr Devendra Nevgi, CEO and CIO, Quantum Mutual asset Management Fund. Mumbai, January 20 It was exactly one year ago that the Indian stock market began its downhill journey. Jamie Tisch
FE via Yahoo! India News
The ongoing saga Satyam and questions about the quality of corporate governance in Indian companies have raised concerns among the players in the market, which is reflected in very small quantities in the cash segment of the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange.

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