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Unscheduled decision also

Unscheduled decision also called unstructured, are decisions that are taken into problems or situations that occur infrequently, or those that require a specific process model or solution, for example, “Launching a new product to market,” in such decisions is necessary to follow a decision making model to generate a specific solution for this particular problem. Decisions unscheduled address problems rare or exceptional. If a problem has not been presented with sufficient frequency to a policy that covers you or if it is so important that it deserves special treatment, should be managed as a non-programmed decision. Problems such as allocating resources in an organization, what to do with a production line that failed, how to improve relations with the community-indeed, the most important problems facing the manager – normally require non-programmed decisions.An example of how Nike would design and market footwear for basketball, more modern and advanced.

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