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“The learning and skills development”

“The learning and skills development” Good evening master Oscar colleagues 61 the group invite you to read my work and leave your comment Traditionally it has developed the idea that in a classroom develops a teaching-learning process, which ultimately gives the learner a competition to develop a productive activity within the labor field. But the idea of competition gives us to think there is a link between business and labor, and makes us think that academic competition is being displaced by operational competence. Do not forget that the guarantees will be competent to perform an activity within the parameters required by the competition and being competitive takes you to the brink of losing or winning. This can be dangerous because schools may end up transforming the training is now assumed to be an intelligent and ethical training to serve in an automated and efficient training to win. When we speak of learning should focus not only thinking in the acquisition of new knowledge in the brain should rather think of personal identity and the transformation of the subject. Also when it comes to meaningful learning is very relative because when compared to what a student remembers what interests you about his girlfriend like the telephone, the day of the appointment or the date when he started dating as compared with significant learning which the student is also learning that not significant This is where we think “Learning is so trivial that you can observe and measure based on some simple questions regarding and containing any The answer is obviously no. Learning located on facts of reality at times cause more confusion than answers to what is needed to acquire. If we talk about these skills can be defined by Perrenoud as a capacity to act effectively in a definite type of situation, an ability that relies on knowledge, but not limited to, the view that knowledge are representations of reality , we have built and assembled according to our experience and our training, and therefore provides a substantial difference between this and that, since powers for himself, only use, integrate, mobilize knowledge. But sometimes the skills are out of box and for example a doctor must have something more than simple competition reads Perrenoud clinical competencies of a physician goes far beyond memorization and recall promptly secure the relevant theories, the less each time the situation comes from the routine and demands relate, interpret, interpolate, infer, invent, in short, complex mental operations whose organization can only be built on reality, according to expert knowledge and schemes as well as its view of the situation. In a collaborative group in society is developing the following definition for competence “Competence is the ability to mobilize knowledge in a particular context, in action and successfully, to meet needs, deal with situations, solve problems, make decisions and / or achieve objectives. We can therefore conclude that mobilize knowledge and skills therefore need the skills to assert that this knowledge somehow have previous knowledge. If we talk about the schemes is necessary that these schemes are sometimes broken by way of paradigms in order to get on live because sometimes not being complements a desirable definition of competition, because the value and attitude in a more defined pragmatic competence. We conclude that this issue is not a finished matter but would count as written by some people who are dedicated to develop software of any kind including free software the website is under construction. Sincerely Ing

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