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The Hub

In addition to the suspension and drive and the hoist, and also driver protection facilities and other markings and records are controlled. Chassis and drive Steering: wheel bearing, steering gear, steering arm, king pin, suspension, steering linkage, joints driving brake and parking brake: brake pads, brake lines and ports, lock the parking brake, brake pedal play, effectiveness of the brakes, brake cable or-gestange wheels: wheel bolts, tires and air pressure frame: frames and trusses (Welds), mounting the counterweight and the lifting scaffold frame, suspension springs and spring bearings, trailer hitch switch and warning devices: switching lock or ignition or occasion Castle, driving control and controls, drawbar head switch at Mitganger trucks, electric Horn: fuses and cables, fasteners of the vehicle battery, impulse control; If driven by internal combustion engines: muffler (condition and noise reduction), injection pump (smoke-free), exhaust gas cleaning (catalyst and filter) trailer, if present: chassis and coupling rods hoist hydraulic system: actuators and control valves, leakage maximum requirements under certain conditions not exceed mast: roles, Rails, safety stops and limit switches, even setting of the tilt cylinder and their mounting, bearing of the hub structure; Winds drive: Bottle and pulleys and rope drum hub bodies: Fasteners, clamps, locks ropes slat chains: Fleyer and roller chains suspend sample load chain for cracks, wear, check scores, permissible elongation must not be exceeded are lifting forks: fork tines thickness, test load no permanent change in shape can occur after, cracks other lifting accessories, attachments: fasteners, condition of the attachments, State platform stacker driver protection at Standflurforderzeugen: protective roof for the driver, load guard other hitches, signs, seat and handrail for passengers, lighting system, Factory signs, load capacity diagrams action when error is detected the regular tests release the drivers of floor conveyor witness not by his diligence. The user has the funding every day before the commissioning for damage to check. .