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The Environment

e) Promotion of measures necessary to ensure an appropriate environment sustainable working, living, and community. f) Improvement of the media and inspection systems, particularly in the verification of environmental conditions. g) Workers and their organizations should have certain rights, including refusing to carry out activities harmful to the environment, and to shut down polluting facilities, the need to be informed about the behavior of companies in environmental matters, that of trained in the art, the legal protection, including the right to stop work in case of imminent danger, that of receiving information on the substances used in the workplace and risks that may present the same, the right to participate in environmental inspections in the workplace, and be part of joint committees for environmental issues made up of representatives of trade unions and employers, or organ or similar systems workplaces. 10. Workers 'organizations should form alliances to promote common guidelines on the matter and collaborative activities in this respect with: other workers' organizations, local organizations, appropriate national and international, active in environmental protection, other social movements relevant activities collaboration in this area between countries in different regions (North-South, East-West), other activities at the transnational indigenous peoples. 11. Workers' organizations should encourage the implementation of policies and technologies that contribute to the promotion and rehabilitation of the environment, and stimulate the activities in this area that contribute to sustaining jobs safe and durable. 12. The experiences of organizations working in health and safety at work should be utilized as a basis to develop and implement broader efforts of environmental protection.