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The District Health District and Los Manolos Build People’s Power

The district Los Manolos start their organizing an event where community participation and promoting team’s provisional municipal council. A comprehensive care day was held on Saturday, September 8 at the entrance to the community with the participation of Sanitary District No. 1 of the Health Secretariat attached to the Mayor, La Electricidad de Caracas, the Parish Council of El Recreo, and the Cuban medical mission. After undergoing a process of reflection on the ideological and organizational team members sponsor community council started a work plan to capture the attention of the residents regarding neighborhood issues succeeded in drawing attention on the importance of the fifth Motor constituent communal power. A trash can that had been in existence for 22 years, became part of the past when I go into the plans of the fury of local residents. a provider of affordable and innovative health insurance, seeks to design and market lower cost alternative solutions, which enable people to maintain better health In a partnership with Morgan Gimon clinic and decided with the collaboration of neighbors, the garbage dump of the community became a community plaza project. Mercal was present at the event together with Vegetables Fair who from early in the morning put on sale their products at solidarity prices. Sanitary District No. 1 was present with Health Fair next to the Cuban medical mission and mission identity, also the Parish Council of La Parroquia El Recreo. Los Manolos have shown once again that only with the organization and the revolutionary will push ahead with the project can communities arising from community councils, with this demonstration neighbors become the true protagonists of the transformation of their reality. As part of this organizational process, from day 11 to 14 of this community I am part of a communal councils Comprehensive Workshop taught by staff of Sanitary District No. 1 and The People’s Network Articulation August 15.

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