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That’s a metaphorical

That’s a metaphorical Jarabacoa is over 600 meters above sea level and the sky can be touched with the fingertips. LMG. Will the green and the heights of inspiration or build more effective than a beer and a song by President Sandro TH. I’m glad you that question because, really green, mountain, thundering river which runs near the place where we are, help and inspiration we have shown at the festival is not necessary that poets are taking to talk of poetry can bring wine and beer but the festival itself does not promote alcohol use in the event. Just today is to read the ‘communicating vessels’ we do every year at the festival in which every poet must write an anonymous verse and contribute to the communicating vessels, the whole issue of communicating vessel today revolves precisely around the mountain, the river green. LMG.Tell me about that moment of light in which you thought this festival of poetry of the mountain. TH. It was a conversation between the poet Carmen shopping, Santiago, and I, in one of the salons we were doing in what was Lincolm art gallery, a gallery that boomed here in Jarabacoa and which belonged to the painter friends Valentin Acosta and Juan Bravo. They ensured that every last Friday of the month we could find in the gallery painters, poets, artists of all aspects, to have some kind of party, and Carmen Buy Travel from Santiago to be with us, and I said, after we had done a poetry reading, “We must make a poetry festival in the mountains,” and she answered me “seems a good idea.” Then, Valentin Acosta said “I get funding,” so the festival was forward with determination and even financing.That was the magical moment in the emergence of the festival, the only regret I have is that Carmen Buy has never attended any of the festivals in spite of all the invitations that we make. LMG. Then, Taty, what the festival, tell us your goal and its organizational process. TH. First, I define you the festival which is designed as a space for the I century poets to abandon the daily routine, big cities and come to meet here in the mountains, and like I said, bringing the verse in the look and interest that can touch the stars with the tips of his fingers, that’s the definition of the festival is an international festival and is not intended to internationalize it, although we have international guests since the beginning of fesival.The poets came last year from Puerto Rico and Cuba who were motivated, this year we have people of Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, yesterday we were reading in English of a U.S. poet and a poet Brazilian Portuguese, that is, the festival grows, it is raising awareness in other countries. On the organization, the festival is mounted on the basis of objectives that we have identified and are to promote contact and solidarity between artists, promoting cultural ecotourism, encouraging participation of young people and make it easier for younger poets to meet embodied, that’s one of my satisfaction, for example, can see a Joseph Marble on the sidelines with a girl of a literary workshop in a broad conversation between them, and that is what we seek, a place for us poets meet with poets and poetry.

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