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Technology and development

Technology and development The core of any CRM strategy is the database. To begin the development of a good database is advised to develop a club of the firm, although much data can be generated with conventional communication strategies such as graphics, radio, television, e-mailing, Advertisement, etc.. In this case, the focus of the strategy should be how to manage your contacts arising from the implementation of the disclosure. What are database marketing The foundations of marketing are designed to load and store customer profiles with more subjective data such as, what you like doing in your spare time, what type of food consumed, and so on., Data that are focused on being able to develop a profile client so that we can provide an offer that is really made for him. This is why direct marketing strategies based on CRM development are so successful worldwide. Customer focus is increasingly important.The aim is to give customers what they need and when you need it. Online CRM software is, according to consultants and specialists, which in the near future will reveal the detail better, anticipate their needs and demand from where we are, sharing information. One of the biggest problems for companies operating a CRM product is the high cost of these commercial products, additional licenses as an operating system and especially the high cost of implementation and commissioning, fortunately there are also several projects in CRM systems GPL licensed. Also, in recent years, is having tremendous success using CRM in “On Demand” so you do not need to purchase servers or software to buy but simply “rent” the whole system and accessed the same to through the Internet.

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