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Two Stories A Result The Success

Brief history 1 Pierre Omidyar is a Lord of 42 years old born in Paris the son of Iranian immigrants parents. When he was still young his family emigrated in United States, country where you live today. But because I tell you the story of Pierre Omidyar? That has to do with business on the internet? It has a lot to see saw that Pierre Omidyar is the founder of Ebay. When I began to work in online business was little more than a boy. Today win millions online! Brief history 2 Google, to celebrate its recent 8th birthday, has received the best gift that could receive: its founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have bought the garage where they started the business. Everything began in 1996 as a project of Page and Brin, Stanford University students. But Google was not born officially until September 27, 1998 (although some claim that it is 7), when the search engine was launched from the garage that the two young men rented to Susan Wojcicky, $ 1,700 monthly (1,330 euros). Also the founders of Google were very young when in 1996 without a coin in their pockets they gave life to what is today one of the multimillion dollar companies more large and powerful on the planet! But these people have in common besides having achieved success? 1.

The intuition they have understood that it is what the people wanted and even buscaria in the future by internet! They built their products based on this and published it on the net. We have the result in front of our eyes! 2. The techniques needed if your want to earn money online you should know in advance that product or service seeks people. Similarly they have applied these techniques to understand towards where the network market was going.

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