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Long Term Car Rental

When we talk about outsourcing, we are talking about the transfer of non-core assets and processes throughout the enterprise in the management of external contractors or outsourcing companies. We undertake all the tasks on the organization of transport ensure your company. You get rid of all the problems associated with the operation of the car (insurance, regular MOT, parking, loading, washing, etc.) entering into a contract with us you cut accounting and administrative load. The proposed fleet consists exclusively of new models, the world's leading manufacturers, from economy to premium. Click Wells Fargo to learn more. All provided in rental cars are insured for all insured risks (CTP, Hull, life and health of passengers) and we provide round the clock technical support. Necessary component of any business – it costs not only on the core business, but also on management non-core assets that are not profitable, but it is vital for the normal operation of any company. And the bigger, the greater the cost, the staff, as well as load management personnel associated with non-core activities. At the same time, implementation of the outsourcing business model can yield positive results, since the outside contractor because of its experience and technologies able to ensure the development and optimization of non-core assets transferred to a higher and more qualitative level.

At first glance it might seem that the usual scheme of work to manage its own car park more attractive than the proposed Transport outsourcing, since everything is within your own organization, all the controls in one hand, everything is under control. Also, looking at the cost of car rental services, it would seem that it is cheaper to buy your car. In fact, when buying a vehicle does not include the cost of its maintenance, servicing and maintenance of all required infrastructure. During the years of diligent work by our partners are division of the largest Russian companies: RUSAL, Rosneft, MMC "Norilsk Nickel", the Administration of districts and towns in Krasnoyarsk Krai, banks, hotels, residents and visitors to our city.

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Paveletskaya Warsaw

Head of Alexander Kuzmin, Moscow Committee endorsed the idea of water taxi. 'I like this idea' – he said at a news conference, commenting on the rumors about the introduction of the capital of the water taxi. According to Kuzmin, this would be very convenient, especially near the business center "Moscow-City. 'On the Taras Shevchenko embankment will be built a large apartment complex – he recalled. – Near downtown is' Moscow-City. For residents of the complex to get to downtown by car would be very difficult to cross several roads and intersections. On the water taxi that would be much faster and easier.

" However, Kuzmin said that the idea of water taxi Taxi support not all. "Unfortunately, we live in a climate zone, where water transport – a seasonal transport '- he explained. Kuzmin also said that several projects currently under development and reorganization of bringing in order embankments. 'One and a half or two months, we will present a public board and re-engineering project Paveletskaya Warsaw industrial areas – he said. – When to travel down the river in these areas, opening up just a horrible species'. Taxi

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Corporate Taxes

Winter brings about changes in our plans. There is a need for a trip out of town or in another city of our vast country. Business negotiations with partners in the region or simply outing on skis and need as much time to work on, and then behind the wheel? Yes, and maybe negotiations will lead to a buffet table after a successful completion. Sometimes it will focus on aspects of the upcoming negotiation. On a trip release your brain from stress icy roads for more attention to detail of the forthcoming transaction, rather than improving the skills of extreme driving on ice.

Entrust transport you to professionals. Transportation Company LC-77 for several years on the market has established itself as a reliable partner in business. On the trip you get not just a taxi, and car business class suited for long distance travel and a huge luggage department. But most importantly you get a driver's professional, with experience of driving over a decade, which will become your personal driver for the entire trip. Our drivers can be trusted with their own interests and need to tell it out of a sticky situation, tells where to have lunch or go to the toilet. And do not support obsessive topic of conversation is possible even in a foreign language. By calling (495) 778-3-998 will answer qualified and competent manager who immediately call the cost of travel. Transparent and fixed rates on long-distance taxi around the clock. To date, the TC-77 offers the following types of taxi services: -Long-distance taxi from Moscow to any city in Russia and abroad;, personal car, any car-span at any distance, including service sober driver, taxi to the airport and the meeting at the airport Moscow – Corporate transport service.

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Delivery Services

In today's business world recently, very often use professional organizations engaged in the transportation, delivery and transfer of important documentation. And this is no accident. At small amount of your order or need delivery to remote areas of the country or abroad using a courier service is very beneficial and even caused not only by economic considerations. In Russia today works a lot of Western companies that provide services for this courier express delivery. In recent years, and many domestic courier services involved in this kind of service. And they did not lower quality Western counterparts, and in some ways exceed them.

For example, in the famous courier service DHL no immediate tariffs on such big cities as Moscow and St. Petersburg and the Russian offer a delivery service service delivery within a few hours. But it also does not mean that everyone should go to Russian companies. It all depends on the tasks facing the company, customer service and time to implement them. Working with delivery services can often be found incompetent staff courier service. It may be manifested in a variety of different options. Consider some of them: If you call a courier delivery service opportunity to get an answer that all the carriers involved and express delivery is not possible.

Most often this is not due to nedobrosovennostyu, and indeed possible with popular instant delivery. In this case the solution is conclusion of a cooperation agreement with the selected delivery service and free courier to courier delivery was made; The desire to gain more orders by courier during the day and inability to make timely delivery. Service representatives can not even with the callback. As you know – time is money. If it persists, then with a company better in the future not to communicate; Appearance Courier and its definition of the territory of the customer's company. This is important because subjective perceptions of the company can be ruined and the recipient's correspondence may have unpleasant idea who sent the mail to further postpone the impact on relationships; Lack of own packaging for letters and other correspondence. This may lead to deterioration of the appearance of the letters or cargo, the more it damage; Lack of own transport company. When you pass through other delivery service tariffs significantly increase the delivery and the likelihood of damage and loss of your precious correspondence; Some services delivery practice in the delivery of cargo to keep the threshold at the door or office or apartment, in the absence of the recipient, which is why there is the possibility of loss. So they are trying to absolve themselves of responsibility for the fate of the cargo. With such a firm is better to take leave at once. In this article, we discussed only the basic, common situations in the delivery of your parcels, letters and correspondence. When you select must be extremely careful and trust not only the experience of their colleagues, but also their own feelings.

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