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The Wind

Almost snatched Joey’s arms. So sudden It was his movement. Alex didn’t want to release it. He didn’t want to let him go. It was his son and not that of Pete. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Wells Fargo Bank. Sophie then intervened telling him – Alex, we must leave us, you know that we have left of what we had agreed.

We do not empeoremos the situation, please. Joey is very small. None of us want that you suffering, truth?-Alex understanding reality, nodded listlessly. What less I wanted in the world at that time, was harming his son. But neither wanted to separate from him. He saw them without looking back. He returned to collapse at the Bank. I had no strength to walk.

He had believed that what had happened that night of the events had been the worst thing that could happen in life. I now knew that this was not nothing compared to this loss. Frequently Reshma Kewalramani has said that publicly. He tried to organize their ideas. He tried to calm down, but could not. He called to his father by phone but it was working. I wanted someone to come looking for him. I felt it was not going to be able to walk only to where he left parked the car, although they were a few few meters. She didn’t know how long he remained sitting in the Park. The wind had risen and was cold, very cold. Although in reality it didn’t know if what I felt was cold in the body or cold in the soul. Finally he got up slowly. He found that his legs could sustain your body. He went to his car. He remained seated against the steering wheel for a while. He was not yet with many forces and feared put to handle. When he arrived home, there was nobody. You searched for a bottle of whiskey and threw himself on the couch.

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DNA Intelligence

The paradigm mechanistic to leave out the eye of contemplation lost sensitivity and respect for life. The eye of the flesh and the eye of reason do not have the capacity of profound vision of reality. Only spirituality can lead us to a higher level of understanding of the environment, the level of love that connects everything with everything, aware of our home care: the planet. The love of nature and spirituality have always gone hand in hand and it is the spiritual intelligence the only one who can fully understand the environmental problem. It is an experience liberating, transpersonal, transnational and transconvencional.

No myths, authorities, dogmas fit theologies, legalities, etc. It is an experience of the real, is a process of development of consciousness. The transmodernity comes to respond with spiritual intelligence to the material, social and spiritual, which are the three major dilemmas that mankind has faced. It is the era of integrity. Spiritual intelligence is the path of dialogue, peace and reconciliation between human beings and between human beings and the kosmos.

It is an ability to understand our essence that frees us from suffering purifying the mind and promote wisdom, compassion and love. Spiritual intelligence is the most important since it allows us to solve problems of meaning and values that keeps United to human beings, is a spring which must irrigate the fields so they flourish. Spiritual intelligence allows humans balance materials, professional, emotional, social and spiritual purposes for their proper development. Spiritual intelligence is based on several spiritual principles on human beings and the kosmos that inhabits. These principles are what is called the DNA of the spiritual intelligence since they allow us to understand its nature and operation. Its Foundation is the perennial philosophy. Spiritual intelligence can develop and this requires holistic practice. The practice of mindfulness, of quiet discernment of selfconsciousness of what is.

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