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Self Assembly

Quality of the repair of domestic and foreign vehicles depends on several components. Isolate the main – actually the quality of works on repair and maintenance of trucks, as well as quality used in this parts and accessories. We leave to the conscience of staff car service repair quality and focus on reliability and durability of parts. Quality auto parts characterized by two major performance – reliability and durability. Reliability describes the lack of damage during service life, and longevity is the ability to resist wear and tear items in operation. Or, in other words, such as the piston is on average 200 thousand km – Longevity, but may result in poor quality and broken and 30 thousand km.

– Reliability. Let's see the effect on quality parts using sub-standard parts. For example engines KAMAZ produced Kamsky automobile plant (BHP) have a resource, more than three times higher than the engines assembled in makeshift conditions (more than 300 against at least 100 And if, when assembling the engine were used sub-standard spare parts, engine life Self Assembly can not hold on and up to 1,000 kilometers. Agree to the product cost 250-400 thousand, the difference in lifetime simply catastrophic.

For other, less expensive spare parts, losses will be smaller, but still significant. Therefore, buying spare parts to the original, because the loss in espluatatsii override the putative advantage in price. Quality control at the official manufacturers Kamaz spare parts manufacturing plants Most of "KAMAZ" have been certified to ISO 9000 and have extensive experience in the manufacture of spare parts and accessories. Second, all incoming production components and materials are required and quality control checks on the compliance process. And third, the major manufacturers who invest in its production of huge amounts of money not interest because of the short-term interests to risk his own name. By the same token not be recommended for low prices, and buy spare parts KAMAZ MAZ ural wholesale from authorized dealers and manufacturers of large automobile companies, working HN market of spare parts for a long time. Kachesvennyh and trusted auto parts you and a million miles without major repairs.

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