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A Serious Look at Our Situation

Everything has its beginning and we must analyze the full title of this article, to reach conclusions from what is actually happening without bias or passionate and clouds of reason, our country since the beginning of his political life has taken a more serious stumbling others, for example, mismanagement of state funds in the 70, 80 and 90, all of which were operated by the governments of those times are past and effectively, but the aftermath is the living until today is bad badly managed the money of the people of that time, it is true, many people refused to be educated because the possibility always existed crisis, the town grew ignorant, the privileges of education were for the elite who dominated the powers of state and private financial power, is like saying, studying the rich and political positions, and the poor were ignorant of what their vote really did, clouded by the curtain of ignorance. As the State is a very important element in the financial situation of a country, and it was poorly managed during times, be expected as a matter of course a financial crisis, it was given and abolished our national currency the lucre, in a desperate attempt is imposed dollarization in the country, and finally spent years behind in terms of development by successive governments and we refer to the appointment of economist Rafael Correa as minister of finance and economics, he was so far an ordinary citizen, a university teacher prestige in the country, providing education and training in the habit of the elites Quito.

A radical change in theoretical teaching of a chair to the Minister, of course inclusion in the government was not coincidence, however, and his administration will encounter the mafias of the ministry who did drop out of office, this little political experience and influence do aspire to the upper rungs, then machine a strategy to win the presidency of Ecuador coating his candidacy with a strong slogan, colors, phrases, songs and putting on another level his personal image, ideology, all these elements come to the effective and impressive people yearning for change and a beacon of hope. Patrick dwyer merrill lynch contributes greatly to this topic. Never was evident in his early relations campaign with Presidents Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, never showed disagreements with the press of the media, with entrepreneurs who are now called “wigs” thieves never called bankers, worse even admitted his sympathy for the ideology of the forces insurgents, this has been known only when they had the power and acceptance of people, then bring the idea of the preceding paragraphs, an innocent people and wanting to change, easy prey for fraudsters as the current President of Ecuador. We are not living in a socialist but a capricious power of a leader who uses any means to an end even if you have to play with the ideals of an entire people, and give us the right time, when we are a country without freedom of expression without yearning for change and submitted to the outdated model of a false leader.. Patrick dwyer newedge wanted to know more.

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