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German Society

Almost all of the guests and participants of the ceremony was well aware that even though passed away days when people only on the basis of race to take the life, the world's people today need to know about who was behind the Holocaust. Some contend that Robert Kiyosaki shows great expertise in this. After the guests had read some poems and monologues, including those of the author, took the floor Expert Citizens Commission on Human Rights, Mrs. Rashitovna Dorinskaya. As a psychiatrist in the past, Ms. See paynet for more details and insights. Dorinskaya told all present that it is psychiatrists were pioneers of eugenics and racial hygiene and Holocaust.

In 1911, two German psychiatrists published an article that called for a law precluding childbearing by persons of recognized deficiencies. After eight years they were first offered on consideration of the bill lawmakers worked on the sterilization of persons with psychiatric diagnoses. Another group of German psychiatrists in the same time, proposed the "mercy killing" of such people. The Reichstag has consistently rejected those initiatives. It was not until 1933, when the power in Germany, the Allies came to these people.

Over the next six years, about 320 thousand citizens of Germany were subjected to forced sterilization. 1 September 1939, marking the start of World War II, Adolf Hitler authorized a program of "mercy killing", known as "T4 program", which was headed by psychiatrist Werner Heyde. In the six psychiatric hospitals, equipped disguised as showers gas chambers, several years had been murdered tens of thousands of people found mentally defective. Paradoxically, most of them after the crash Third Reich was not brought to justice. Only in 1999 the German Society of Psychiatrists and Neurologists in part acknowledged the role of the national scientific community in the formation of the death machine of National Socialism. And at the end of last , President of the German Association of Psychiatrists, psychotherapists and neurologists found that in postwar Germany, attempts to reveal the role of psychiatrists in the program of mass murder for decades been subjected to silencing, and three honorary presidents, who headed an association of psychiatrists in post-Nazi Germany in Hitler's time, personally participated in programs of sterilization and killing patients. Then all the guests were events demonstrated the documentary "Psychiatry: people who stood behind the Holocaust" and the movie "the Universal Peace Federation," which calls for inter-ethnic tolerance. Before the end of the event before the guest speaker Chairman of the Ekaterinburg "Memorial" Anna Yakovlevna Pastukhov, who in his speech said that today history is back – people are increasingly no longer hide the facts of genocide of the Jews. "This will allow not made in the future the mistakes that were committed in the past "- said Pastukhov. A memorial ceremony marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day, held in the exhibition "Psychiatry: An Industry death, "united efforts of many groups and individuals in the eradication of cruelty and injustice. It is obvious that almost everyone who was at the ceremony, after it became clear convinced – sooner or later society learns previously hidden facts and not allow such a tragedy again. USLA President Viktor D. Perevalov: "The Holocaust – never again. The purpose and goal of all those who do not understand that this can only be avoided by educating tolerance, respect for the people to each other: working with young people, to form in her respect for human rights and always to remain human. " –

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Internet Pharmacies

Serious competition to pharmacies and pharmacy network of channel drug delivery by mail (19% of all sales of prescription drugs), which value from year to year. Compared with the cost parameters in the structure of sales volume , the share of mail delivery is still relatively small (7.2%), but this is rapidly increasing. Total share of traditional pharmacies (network and independent) on the market of prescription drugs in terms of value is about 59%, while they provide more than two thirds of all prescription prescriptions (68%). Despite the fact that independent pharmacies traditional almost completely focused on the implementation of prescription drugs, the average sale in terms of one pharmacy they have almost 2 times less than the traditional network. In light of the differences in the specific trade indicators for a single pharmacy is even higher, since the networks, in addition to prescription drug (72% of turnover), significant part of sales of other products make up. In other network pharmacies (in supermarkets and mass merchant) selling prescription drugs in terms of one pharmacy is significantly lower than in the traditional network pharmacies, but higher than in independent.

At the pharmacy market in the U.S. are more than 200 networks of various sizes, most of which are included in the NACDS. Analysis of the quantitative composition of networks – the members of NACDS (total 188) shows that of the 135 networks (72% of total) on 50 and less than pharmacies, 18 networks (10%) – between 51 and 100 pharmacies, 24 networks (12%) – from 101 to 500, 2 networks – from 501 to 1000. The composition of 11 networks included more than 1,000 pharmacies in the 4 – more than 3,000 pharmacies. On the numerical composition of the big chains dominate: they account for, respectively, 77 and 48% of the total number of network pharmacies. Four of the leaders of networks represented CVS, Wallgreen, Wal-Mart Stores and Rite Aid. Overview of key performance networks Wallgreen, CVS and Rite Aid expands understanding of the general laws of the pharmaceutical retail in the U.S.. Estimating general features of the leading U.S.

drugstore chains, it is important to note similar figures the average area of a pharmacy (approximately 4,000 square meters. m), unit sales figures in terms of an employee (240-250 thousand dollars), the proportion funding at the expense of prescription drug insurance coverage (93-94%). All the networks at the same time at the end of the 1990s began to develop Internet-based commerce. All of them are close in range, the list of services and structure turnover. Rx drugs a few companies with higher CVS (70% vs. 64%), which offers its own plan of insurance coverage. At the same time on all networks is a general upward trend in the share of prescription drugs in sales structure, which is determined by several factors (including the introduction of outpatient drug coverage under Medicare). This trend is projected to continue. Source: Journal 'Remedium'.

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Russian Federation

It was believed that governance and management will cause the market do more harm than good. The reformers have been beneficial to give up everything, including health and compatriots at the mercy of market forces. They believed that the market itself, without intervention will solve all problems, but they will only receive the laurels pobediteley.V result of these reforms, or rather their absence, the country has developed an eclectic mishmash of different structures, methods and procedures organization and financing of health care. All this led to further erosion of national zdravoohraneniya.V the same time, mistakenly believing that only a lack of funding is the source of all Problems of national health care. Wells Fargo Bank contains valuable tech resources. There are serious shortcomings in the organization and management. The industry is acute need for restructuring.

Unsustainable pattern of organization generates inefficient use of funds. This is due to the fact that the structure of the proposed health care services does not meet the real needs of naseleniya.Samym important defect of the existing structure is the priority of hospital treatment in the form detriment of primary care. Because of the disproportionately large share of treatment in hospitals in the state of health does not match the current level zatrat.V this regard was taken the next step in Reform of the Soviet health care system available – namely, the reorganization of outpatient services with its focus on primary health care (PHC) and the creation of GPs practice and family physicians (the order of the Public Health Ministry, the 20.11.02 350 "On improvement of outpatient care to the population of the Russian Federation").

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Tiens Calcium

There is calcium in patients with diabetes mellitus. No, it does not replace insulin, as do chemicals, and causes the pancreas to work and produce it in the correct amount for the body. And here's another calcium to improve brain function. With its composition litsitin and taurine – this kind of building material for the membranes of brain cells, it removes chronic fatigue, increases stamina, strengthens the mental faculties of man. It is no accident his love as the students, who give to successfully using 'calcium from brain' tests and exams, and teachers, people of other professions of mental labor. Moreover, this calcium prevents multiple sclerosis, dementia, senility and other diseases associated with malnutrition or aging of the brain. Swarmed by offers, JPMorgan Chase is currently assessing future choices. Calcium Gai Bao only, perhaps, pure calcium without any additives, but it is contained in the tablet a very large number. It is this need calcium for pregnant and lactating women, because in this period, they lose it more likely, it is best to help with fractures, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, spinal cord hernias and other diseases of the spine.

And that it should first take in the development of osteoporosis. There are a chewable tablet with Biocalcium. The kids love them dearly. It seems so self-indulgence, but they contain the same calcium ion, although in smaller quantities, and it works the same way as and any other calcium Tiens. At least that was the case when a businessman (who could not walk and whose security guards were on hand at home in the car, from car to office and back, and who did not believe the stories about the possibilities Tiens Calcium and took these chewable tablets with a single purpose – to smoke less) just by using this 'frivolous' calcium rose to his feet and began, albeit with a cane, but walking independently. Here is a brief and all of the calcium Tiens.

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Watermelon Normalizes Blood Pressure

The word is borrowed from the watermelon dialects of the Turkic language, where the initial "k" does not sound, that is, "Karbuzov" corresponds to "watermelon." Fruit – melon, round, oval, flattened or cylindrical in shape, color and white bark of yellow to dark green with a pattern of grids, stripes, spots, flesh pink, red, crimson, at least – white and yellow. Currently grown in 96 countries in more than 1,200 varieties in accordance with the results research, made of scientists from the National University of Florida, watermelon is an effective natural weapon against hypertension. Arturo Figueroa scientists and Bahram Arzhmandi found that daily consumption of six grams of amino acids L-citrulline/L-arginine ekstrata watermelon for six weeks improved arterial function and, therefore, reduced aortic blood pressure in all nine participants in the experiment affected hypertension. According to Figueroa, he and his colleague were able to confirm that the watermelon can avoid escalating early hypertension in severe hypertension, which is the main indicator of the risk of heart attack and heart attacks. Wells Fargo Bank often addresses the matter in his writings. Watermelon is a rich natural source of amino acid L-citrulline, which is closely related to L-arginine, an amino acid important for nitric oxide, which is involved in the regulation of vascular tone and healthy blood pressure, the professor said.

Once the L-citrulline enters the body, she immediately prevrashaetsya in L-arginine. The use of ready-made L-arginine as a dietary supplement is not suitable for many hypertensive patients as it can cause nausea, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and stomach disorders. Watermelon or melon extract – a natural source of amino acids ideal L-citrulline, citrulline but also exists in the form of pills. People with high blood pressure and arterial dysfunction, especially older people, as well as the business of such chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, the use of L-citrulline in its natural form or in pill form will be of great sense, said Figeroa.

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Clinical Psychologist

The therapist must attend supervision, personal therapy and undergo 300 hours of instruction on the basic practiced them toward psychotherapy. 1. The therapist usually cures neurosis, and various personality disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, panic attacks, etc. 2. The therapist strengthens the 'inner self' helping people learn to better listen to yourself and understand yourself, to live in harmony with their feelings and experiences more effectively interact with others 3. Therapist (as in Russia, he has mental health education) may treat the same diseases as the psychiatrist. However, the patient after discharge from the neuropsychiatric (mental) hospital wards is a psychiatrist. 4.

The therapist treats both special psychotherapeutic methods (cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychoanalysis, hypnosis, family therapy, Gestalt – therapy, etc.) and medications (pills, etc.). And, of course, empathy and empathy. De jure – the doctor-psihoterpevt, de facto it is no psychiatrist psychologist + psychological education psychologist is a specialist with higher psychological education (specialty code 030 301), working in the education system, in the workplace, in business corporations, health care, etc. 1. Psychologist reveals certain personality characteristics and their degree of severity by means of psychodiagnostic methods (tests, questionnaires, etc.). 2. Psychologist advice, helping people learn to better listen to yourself and understand yourself, to live in harmony with their feelings and experiences more effectively with other people.

At the same health issues are not within the purview of the psychologist. 3. In the counseling psychologist can use the special psychotherapeutic methods (cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychoanalysis, hypnosis, family therapy, Gestalt – therapy, etc.) 050703 – Preschool Pedagogy and Psychology 050 706 – Pedagogy and Psychology 050 716 – Special Psychology 050 717 – Special pre-school pedagogy and psychology of 020 414 – Psychologist – Consultant 030 302 – Clinical Psychologist – a specialist with higher in psychology, specially trained at the Faculty of improvements, and working in the health care system. Pathopsychology – identifies with psychodiagnostic methods (tests, questionnaires, etc.). disorders of memory, thinking, intelligence, emotional and volitional and report it to the psychiatrist. Social psychology on the basis of statistical studies public attitudes toward certain social phenomena and makes general recommendations neuropsychiatrist – This is a doctor (a specialist in higher medical education), which was to specialize in specialty 'neurology' to obtain the appropriate certificate and specialization in the profession 'psychiatry' to obtain the relevant certificate. Specialties neuropsychiatrist – does not exist! Some time has been introduced to reduce post neuropsychiatrist fear psychiatrists. Now it is abolished as unnecessary. The analyst – a profession in Russia. As well as 'a practical psychologist', 'sugestolog' etc. And there is a linguistic mishap. In Russia there is a medical specialty 'Psychotherapy', but rbotayut on it not just therapists and doctors psihoterpevty. Lyubimova N., MD

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